Prime Time Celebrates One Year

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It’s been one year since the launch of Prime Time, the newest Isagenix movement that promotes healthy aging. Prime Time’s vision is simple: to connect and inspire those who want to embrace life at any age while helping others discover their potential for living passionately in the prime of their lives.

Marathon Runner Helps Women Pursue American Dream

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As an immigrant from Mexico, Sonia R. Flores knows what struggle looks like. She came to America and built a life for herself and her family but suffered hardships. Isagenix and Prime Time helped Sonia find a path to healthy living. Today, she is a proud mother, runner, and Isagenix business builder, focused on helping others like her.

At 60, Finalist Inspires With ‘Weightless’ Transformation

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When Randie and his wife, Kathy, moved to Hawaii, they began to let themselves go, enjoying the nice weather and tasty food and drinks. Once Randie discovered Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge®, he was able to transform his body, putting on lean muscle and earning the honor of 2017 IsaBody™ Finalist.

Prime Time Member Takes on the Appalachian Trail to Support ALS

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When Steven Riecker found out his best friend, Roger, was diagnosed with ALS, he knew he wanted to do something to support him. With the help of Isagenix products, Steven embarked on a five-month, 2,200 mile journey to hike the Appalachian Trail. He is using his hike to create awareness around ALS and raise money to help research the disease.

Contribution Is Key for Prime Time Members

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Prime Time was created to give Isagenix Associates who are interested in living healthy, long lives a voice within the organization. During 2017 New Year Kick Off in San Antonio, Texas, Prime Time members tapped into their deep, shared desire, the Isagenix core value of Contribution, and helped give back to the community.

Prime Time Member Focuses on Inspiring Women and Growing Her Business

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Ease and convenience are what first attracted Carol Lamperti to Isagenix. As the sole owner of a small consignment boutique for women in New Jersey, she used IsaLean® Shake and IsaLean Bars as an easy way to get quality nutrition while she worked all day. Then her entrepreneurial spirit nudged her to look into the Isagenix business opportunity.

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