If you’ve ever gotten caught up in the concept that getting stuff done is where you find your self-worth, then you and I have something in common. That obsession with checking things off your to-do list so your head can hit the pillow that night marking the day well done … I totally get it, and just so you know, productivity guilt is a real thing.

I like to call it the “cycle of should.” Feeling like you should be doing more, creating more, achieving more, and so on. But the truth is, if you never give yourself a break, you’re only going to burn out, and then you won’t be doing anything at all. Sometimes, achieving a big goal takes time and lots of smaller tasks along the way. Just because you can’t cross that big to-do off the board doesn’t mean you’re not working toward it every day.

Trust me, everyone can use a second to take a deep breath — it’s good for you! But if you’re not ready to admit it yet or simply don’t know how to slow down, here are a few great places to start.

Take a walk in nature

Person walking in nature

Just setting foot on the trail or path at your local park can help you zero in on all the things in your life that matter beyond your to-do list. Focus on nothing but the beauty around you, and feel yourself instantly loving the joy of being in the moment.


Woman meditating outside

The whole point of meditating is to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state, right? You simply can’t be thinking about all the things you should be doing — that defeats the purpose. But guess what? You are doing something; you’re supporting yourself and your mental health.

Let someone else do the work for you

Woman using phone

If you’re struggling to let go for a day and aren’t ready to put your checklist completely on hold, utilize apps that can help! The Isagenix Business app has got you covered and will provide you with reporting, tools you can share with the touch of a button, and coaching emails that are ready to be sent to your team (plus so much more).

Read a book, watch TV, or stream a movie

Man reading in bed

If you’re someone who can’t seem to turn your mind off and relax, diving into the adventure on-screen or the mystery between the pages is a great way to distract yourself from all the things you feel you should be doing. I promise, the mental benefit of getting away for a couple of hours is worth it.

Take a nap

Cat napping

Even the most productive of us can’t deny that sometimes a nap just sounds nice. So if you’re feeling that “cycle of should” weighing down on you or you’re just a little sleepier than normal, go ahead and let yourself take a quick siesta. You’ll wake up ready to take on your day, and your body and mind will be thankful for the break.

Spend time with your furry friends

Man hugging dog

Ever wonder why your pup is enjoying their walk more than you are? It might be because instead of thinking about what else they should be doing, they’re only thinking about the beautiful trees and skies before them. Try following their lead, and just enjoy it.

Cook your favorite meal

Man and woman cooking

Cooking is a great way to relieve stress and embrace your creativity while being in the moment. You can’t sit and worry about all the things you want to accomplish when you’re trying to focus on not burning what’s in the oven. Plus, when you’re done, you’ll have an instant reward in your delicious meal.

It’s time to break the “cycle of should.” Remember that most things you want to check off your list will be made up of smaller tasks that may take weeks or even months. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s how big things happen. Give yourself a chance to breathe along the way.

So, if you’re ready, cut yourself some slack, and give one of these seven ideas a try!