Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaires No. 200, Mark & Deanna F.!

family1_resizedMark and Deanna F. began their healthy-living journey in early 2013 with the quest to lose weight. They are proponents of incorporating high-quality nutrition and good eating habits into their lives, and with seven kids, they sought a plan that would work for their whole family.

Mark and Deanna are passionate about adoption. They have adopted five children from Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Guatemala and have two of their own biological children as well.

The two had a strong interest in the health and wellness industry and found the integrity of Isagenix products intriguing and loved that it worked for their family.

“We were so excited to get started. The work-at-home factor really helped, what with seven kids,” says Deanna.

Beating Financial Disparity

PQThe couple found their niche in the network of adoptive parents. They began by focusing on sharing with people they knew in the area who were as passionate as they were about better nutrition for their children.

“The product line with the compensation plan was the perfect fit,” says Deanna.

Deanna joined with one of her girlfriends. Knowing little about network marketing, she and Mark were quickly able to recognize the benefits of having a solid network. Their team, Adoptegenix, soon become a reputable business. Deanna credits Herb and Patty C. with giving them a few additional tools along the way.

“What was great was that you’ve got the website, the recorded calls, the articles, and helpful guides on,” she says. “You have to take action to really make success happen. Treat it like a business, but don’t change who you are.”

Mark and Deanna believe network marketing is a great resource to create business tools and habituate creative endeavors. For someone who is just starting out in the world of network marketing, the couple believes that it takes dedication and commitment to one’s self.

“I think the number one thing is to be real and authentic. Make the decision, and make it happen,” Deanna states.

Mark and Deanna were struggling to make ends meet before beginning their Isagenix business. Mark was working two jobs, and at first, they were just trying to supplement their income to pay some of their bills.

“We wanted to pay for our utilities and our mortgage,” says Deanna. “We were really impoverished. My kids were on Medicaid, and we were struggling. To be where we are now is such a big deal.”

After tremendous dedication and hard work, they earned the opportunity to partake in President’s Quest.

“That was such an honor. We went to Rome and Paris, and that was really special. It was a trip of a lifetime.”

Living a Nutritious Lifestyle

RECOGNITION Preferred - Deanna & Mark Falchook_resizedDeanna and her husband Mark are now growing their business together. Through utilizing their favorite products, they are helping change the lives of those around them.

“We like all the products. We’ve started using the AMPED™ line, we really like NOx, and of course, we live off of IsaLean® Shakes.”

With seven kids, they love the convenience of Isagenix products. After having a shake in the morning, the family is ready to take on the day.

After three years, the family of nine plans on building a legacy with their Isagenix business.

“I know it’s been three years, but we are looking at this long term. We want all our kids to eventually have an Isagenix business center. We have a large family, and we’re glad Isagenix has been there to help support families like ours,” says Mark.

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