From the Baseball Diamond to the Celebration Stage

Former professional baseball player Alvie S. fell into a rut of negative thoughts, bad habits, and overall unhealthy living after an injury forced him into early retirement. Surviving a brain aneurysm was a huge wake-up call that forced him to start making changes so he could live the way he always wanted. Continue reading →

IsaBody Finalist Loses Over 200 Pounds* and Discovers Inner Confidence

An Isagenix product user since 2011, Evelyn did not start her first IsaBody Challenge® until 2014. Prior to getting started with Isagenix, she weighed over 300 pounds, but successfully released 80 pounds* by using Isagenix products and exercising regularly. However, after suffering two broken legs in an accident, her weight-loss journey was stalled. Continue reading →

From IsaBody Participant to Fitness Competitor

When Kristy signed up for her first IsaBody Challenge®, she had such an amazing experience that she knew IsaBody™ would be part of her life forever. She even set a goal that one day she would become an IsaBody Finalist. After four Challenges and months of hard work and dedication, she reached that goal this year! Continue reading →

IsaBody Challenge Finalist Loses 100 Pounds* and Finds Freedom

A competitor at heart, Jennifer L. was introduced to Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge® at the same time, so she’s never known one without the other. She did know, however, that she had 100 pounds to lose, and she knew she had the confidence inside her to set a goal and complete the Challenge. Continue reading →

No Gym Necessary: IsaBody Finalist Loses 100 Pounds* With At-Home Workouts

When Yovanka began to plan her 40th birthday trip to Las Vegas in 2015, she never thought Isagenix would be part of that milestone. She never fathomed that she would be walking the stage as an IsaBody™ Finalist at 2016 Celebration in Las Vegas, and she certainly didn’t dream that she’d be 100 pounds* lighter! Continue reading →

Jumping in Feet First: IsaBody Finalist Gains Abs and Builds Her Business

As a mother of 10 children, two who were adopted and eight she gave birth to, Joy spent a lot of her adult life focusing on her family and often felt tired and worn out. Fortunately, she found Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge® and now uses her experience to inspire her team and her family. Continue reading →

IsaBody Challenge Finalist Finds Belief in Himself and Inspires Others

Overweight for most of his life, Chris never really believed in himself. As an adult, he was embarrassed to change in the gym locker room. He was desperate for something to help him lose weight, as the extra pounds were starting to disrupt his daily life with his children. Then he found Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge®. Continue reading →

From Army Airborne Ranger to IsaBody Finalist and Full-Time Family

Before entering the Army himself, Daniel lost his older brother in Afghanistan. When he left the military in 2015, he wasn’t himself and needed something to inspire him to get back on track. Then while his wife dedicated her attention to growing their Isagenix business full time, she suggested he take on the IsaBody Challenge®, which changed everything. Continue reading →

Former NFL Player Finds Renewed Passion with Isagenix

Former NFL player Justin lost his passion for health and fitness after being forced into early retirement from the game he loved. After eating unhealthy, gaining weight, and refusing to step into a gym, he found renewed hope, purpose, and opportunity for his future through his Isagenix family and the IsaBody Challenge®. Continue reading →

IsaBody Finalist Stays Anchored to Isagenix

Spencer struggled with an unhealthy body for years. He thought he was doing everything right—going to the gym regularly and eating as clean as he could, yet he was still overweight, low on energy, and could not gain muscle. Spencer found hope and happiness through Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge®. Continue reading →