Grandmother Invests in Herself, Releases 100 Pounds*

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There was a time in Laura Hyman’s life when she weighed over 250 pounds, putting the needs of others in front of herself. She decided she had to look at her life and where she was headed. She found Isagenix and IsaBody™ and made the changes she needed to become the best wife, mother, and grandmother she could be.

Massage Therapist Finds Confidence to Swim Again

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An avid swimmer since childhood, Phil Reget’s life became unmanageable when he developed an addiction to alcohol and hit a low that caused him to quit swimming. Phil eventually found sobriety but switched addictions from alcohol to sugar and food, weighing in at 280 pounds. But with the IsaBody Challenge®, he began to transform his life.

Mom Overcomes Loss to Create a Legacy

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Melody Faulkner’s life was completely turned upside down when her husband, Ben, unexpectedly passed away, two weeks before they were supposed to complete their first IsaBody Challenge® together. Overnight, Melody became a single mother to her two little girls but was determined to complete her Challenge, even while healing a broken heart.

Isagenix Opportunity Becomes More Than Expected

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Working in the fitness industry, Barb was used to being introduced to various health products and supplements but was uninterested in trying them. It wasn't until her good friend, Betsy, arrived with a box full of Isagenix products that Barb finally decided to give them a try. Now, Barb and her husband, Corie, are building their Isagenix business together full time.

2017 Top Achievers: Will We See You There?

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Top Achievers is one of our most extravagant events at Isagenix where our most passionate and hardworking Associates learn about new and upcoming products, network with fellow front-runners in the company, and enjoy influential business training from Isagenix top leaders and the Executive team. The destination for 2017 Top Achievers is Banff, Alberta – will we see you there?

IsaBody Challenge Finalist Finds Belief in Himself and Inspires Others

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Overweight for most of his life, Chris never really believed in himself. As an adult, he was embarrassed to change in the gym locker room. He was desperate for something to help him lose weight, as the extra pounds were starting to disrupt his daily life with his children. Then he found Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge®.