img_0837-resized“You definitely can’t wait for the ‘perfect’ time to start this business,” says Sharon. “The timing was absolutely not perfect for me when I started, but sometimes when things aren’t perfect, it causes you to have a bigger ‘why.’ It makes you push through the things you’re struggling with and gives you a bigger reason for doing this.”

Prior to Isagenix, Sharon was struggling at a very stressful time in her life. Her husband had told her he no longer wanted to be married after 26 years, both of her parents had been diagnosed with cancer, and her daughter was moving away to attend college. Coping with all the stress was taking a toll on Sharon, and she wasn’t eating and getting the nutrition she needed.

A friend sent Sharon a five-day sample of nutritional products, but by the end of the five days, she didn’t feel any different. Sharon’s experience taught her the importance of finding a nutritional program that worked for her.

“I knew that this could be good for me,” she says. “I decided that if I was going to drink a shake, I was going to get the best one out there, so I started researching.”

After looking at everything, Sharon found Isagenix.

Helping Others on a Deeper Level

happy-healthy-hourAt the time, Sharon was involved with the second of two direct selling companies she’d been part of in 23 years. She had reached the top level of the company and hadn’t planned to leave but also knew that if she liked the Isagenix products, she’d be willing to jump into the business.

“I knew a couple of people from my other company who had left about three and half years earlier to pursue Isagenix,” she says. “They were doing wonderfully with the company, so I was interested.”


Sharon fell in love with the products and eventually made the switch to Isagenix. Coming from a direct selling party planning company, she admits that getting started in network marketing was a big change, but she found success in knowing what it was going to take to get to where she wanted to be by choosing to work the business every day. Her goal was to reach Crystal Executive. Sharon reached that goal and says she continues to set goals for herself while still focusing on helping others reach theirs.

“My goal right now is to keep using the products, build the business, and learn everything I need to learn to keep sharing with as many people as I can,” says Sharon. “That was something missing from my other companies: the knowledge that these products are truly helping people at a deeper level.”

Sharing an Incredible Opportunity

welcome-home-challenge-resizedOriginally, Sharon’s interest in building a business with Isagenix came from her goal of being able to support herself and her daughter after her divorce, and now, she’s thankful for this company that has brought her so much more than income. Last spring, she earned a trip to Isagenix World Headquarters in the Welcome Home Challenge, and once she attends New Year Kick Off in January, Sharon will have attended all the Core 4 Events™.

“I’ve starting running and exercising, and I use Ionix® Supreme to help with my stress, just taking care of myself in the midst of everything that’s going on,” Sharon says. “I’ve been going to whatever events I can and am so thankful for all that are offered. Everybody thought I was crazy for leaving my other company, but I couldn’t really lead my team down a road I didn’t believe in anymore. With Isagenix, I can. It’s so amazing to watch people light up and get excited when they reach a health goal or get their first paycheck. I can’t wait to see what and who 2017 brings to this amazing journey!”