Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaires No. 210, Ryan and Becca Johnson!

johnsonfamily_045-resizedWhen Becca and Ryan first got started with Isagenix, they were simply looking for quality nutrition that could fit easily into their busy schedules.

“We were overstressed, and I was tired of crashing every day at three in the afternoon,” Becca remembers. “We were always on the go, and I wanted a convenient way to eat better.”

The parents of two were constantly juggling their parenting responsibilities with the demands of full-time work and owning their own businesses. Ryan was an exercise science professor at a university and the owner of a physical therapy practice, and Becca ran a health and fitness company for preschoolers.

“We understood nutrition, but our lives were incredibly busy,” says Ryan. “We needed a system that could help us make the change.”

Ryan was introduced to Isagenix by Mike, a local gym owner, and decided he had nothing to lose. He gave the products a try, jumping in with the 30-Day System. Within the first week, Ryan fell in love with the products, and by his second month, Becca decided to join him.

Changing Their Future

As a result of their improved nutrition, the couple felt more nourished and energized than they had in a long time. They were excited about the products, but as busy parents who already owned businesses, they simply connected everyone who asked about what they were doing with Mike.

“We weren’t focused on building a business, but eventually, I saw how great all of those people were doing with Isagenix, and that was a turning point for me,” says Ryan.

He soon attended an Isagenix University in Phoenix, and that’s when he realized that Isagenix could truly be a business for them. He brought Becca to Celebration that year, and she caught the Isagenix vision as well.

“Nothing compares to being in a room of 10,000 people who want to change their future,” she says.

Creating a Legacy

johnsonfamily_111-resizedThe pair began fitting their Isagenix business into pockets of their time, and while their full-time jobs continued to pay their bills, their Isagenix business was creating an extra residual income.

“We’d never had that before,” says Ryan, “and as we continued to work hard at this business, we were eventually able to replace our income and take a step back from our other jobs and businesses.”

Now, Ryan and Becca are both retired from their previous careers, and the couple builds their Isagenix business together full time.

“We love the Isagenix mission and are passionate about helping as many people as we can,” says Becca. “We have big goals and a big vision for where we can take our business, and we want to create a legacy for our family and help the people who are in our organization with their goals to make as broad of an impact as we possibly can.”

Becca and Ryan’s Tips for Getting Started

  • Be a product of the product. Show others what Isagenix can do. People can listen to what you say, but nothing speaks more to a person than a physical, visible transformation.
  • Build your understanding of Isagenix. Know the products, listen to podcasts, stay plugged in to your team, and attend events. Events are the lifeblood of this business!
  • Be willing to talk to others. Be open to others. When you meet someone who has needs that we have solutions for, share your story and suggest that they take a look at Isagenix.

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