12-16-16_4_ways_to_warm_up-1200x6301Shake Off the Cold Weather With These 4 Tasty Options

Winter is officially upon us! That means chilly mornings and even chillier evenings. Instead of sifting through the pantry looking for hot cocoa or other high-calorie comfort foods, try shaking off the cold weather with one of these delicious Isagenix Coffee ideas paired with a few special treats!

Delights Worth Dipping: Once you’ve got your piping hot cup of Isagenix Coffee ready, reach for your IsaDelight®. These tasty companions come in a variety of flavors, which may make your decision to dunk a bit challenging, but the rewards are nothing short of satisfying. Take your favorite flavor of IsaDelight, gently dip the chocolate in your Isagenix Coffee, and enjoy!

Spice It Up: Try a dash of spice to perk up your senses. A gentle cinnamon aroma will ease your mind and put a little pep back in your snowy steps! It’s guilt-free, making this an ideal mid-day warmup. Follow this recipe.

Coffee and Cream: Try adding a splash of milk (or any dairy-free substitute) to add the perfect swirl to your cup. Skip the overpriced shops, and sip your coffee in the comfort of your own home – where the weather is sure to be warm and welcoming.

On the Go: Take your Isagenix Coffee wherever the winter winds may lead you. Our convenient, multipurpose insulated bottle makes it simple to stay warm as you head out the door.

Don’t forget our Isagenix Coffee is available in 12-ounce Premium or USDA-Certified Organic blends. Isagenix Coffee is a medium roast made from a fairly traded blend of 100 percent arabica beans. Our beans are selected by a licensed coffee grader, slow roasted in small batches, and expertly blended by a certified roast master using cool grind technology. This unique process prevents over-roasting and ensures the ultimate medium-roast blend.

Not only is coffee a great way to warm up this season, it’s also now regarded as an excellent choice of beverage for a healthy lifestyle.  Learn more at IsagenixHealth.net.

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