Meet Our Newest Isagenix Millionaires No. 168, Jessica and Doug R.!


Before building a business with Isagenix, Jessica was a Vice President of Sales in the corporate world. It was in this position that she was first introduced to Isagenix. As a liaison to the Direct Selling Association, and the lead of a team that covered the network marketing industry, Isagenix was her client. “Despite the fact that I’d never tried the products, I had a deep-rooted respect for them as a company,” remembers Jessica, “they always stood out to me as a top-notch, people-focused organization. In almost every meeting I ever sat in, someone on the Corporate team would say, ‘If it’s not right for the Associates, it’s not right for the company.’”

Years later, Jessica was reintroduced to Isagenix by a neighbor who was having success with the 30-Day Weight Loss and Fat Burning System. Since she already knew and trusted Isagenix as a company, and was struggling to see success with clean eating and exercise, Jessica decided to try the products. As her nutrition started to improve with the help of Isagenix, she saw a transformation in her body and energy levels. After noticing her success, Jessica’s husband Doug started using the products, too, and the couple, along with their three children, began to truly focus on and embrace their health.

Beach Houses, Boogie Boards, and Building a Business

When Jessica first started using the Isagenix System, her only goal was to stick to the system and not give up. She never planned on starting a business with Isagenix, and even after she and Doug achieved success with the products, they laughed at the idea of themselves as network marketers—they didn’t fully understand the potential and the simplicity of the plan. Then a leader in the business, Jani, found Jessica in her blueprint reports and shared more about how they could go about sharing their love of the products with more people.

“Outside of Philadelphia where we live, many families spend time in the summer at the Jersey Shore,” explains Jessica. Jessica and Doug have a beach house, but the family was only able to go some weekends, as she often traveled about once a week for work, and Doug works all year as a high school principal. They dreamed of being able to stay at the shore all summer, like many of their friends.

Then, in 2014, Jessica walked away from her corporate job to pour everything into building an Isagenix business for their family. “My kids will never forget the summer of 2014,” shares Jessica. Jessica and Doug’s children, a 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old twins (a boy and a girl), were able to spend the entire season boogie boarding with their friends, while Jessica and Doug built their business on the beach.

“Now, this is literally a family business,” says Doug. At team meetings, the couple’s children help out by drawing out the compensation plan and passing out IsaLean® Bar samples. “They really love being a part of our team. My oldest daughter is dying to have a selfie with Kathy Coover!” says Jessica.

The Ripple Effect

Jessica & Doug Reigner“Isagenix is a company about giving back and helping others reach their goals. Now our whole family is more conscious about health, contribution, and giving back,” says Jessica. As a family, they volunteer in a nursing home at least once a month, as well as volunteer with animals. Jessica and Doug also became foster parents six months ago, which is what they feel most passionate about.

So far, Jessica and Doug have helped foster two children. “My favorite part about being a foster parent is the love. Most of these children have never experienced being taken care of, having their lunches made or being tucked in at night,” says Jessica. Building a business with Isagenix has given Jessica and Doug the opportunity to do this, and they are so amazed at the ripple effect that is created when you help others. It’s mind-blowing to witness the impact of one person’s actions, let alone a whole team of people working together with a common mission. So many lives have been touched by Isagenix and the many downstream effects of this business.

Jessica and Doug can’t wait to see how many lives they can change in 2016. In addition to continuing to foster children and volunteer, the duo is really focused on developing their teams in the coming year. “Knowing how many people are out there struggling—physically and financially—who have no idea about these incredible products and this game-changing opportunity makes us jump out of bed, so excited about what this year holds. Wanting to share and help those individuals keeps me up and night and excites me big time!” exclaims Jessica.

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