2016 NYKO DC Cheerleaders 5 FINALWhen Isagenix Chief Science Officer Dr. Suk Cho announced the new AMPED™ products onstage at NYKO 2016, he enlisted the help of the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to introduce the new products in style. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but even the 28th state will need to step back to see what AMPED is about to bring to athletic performance.

“I want you to know Isagenix is 100 percent committed to creating the best and most effective products supported by science,” said Dr. Cho, “and the AMPED line is going to take that commitment to a new level.”



AMPED uses nutritional timing to enhance your workout. Products are used before, during, and after training to help your body prepare, sustain, and recover for maximum results. From the moment you step out the front door until hours after exercise, the products in the AMPED line work together to help support and improve every angle of your athletic performance.

A pre-workout supplement to prepare your body for better strength and power before workouts.

A pre-workout shot to support nitric oxide production so you can train harder and longer.

A conveniently packaged mid-workout gel to sustain energy and fuel your body for sustained endurance.

AMPED Recover
A post-workout supplement with branched-chain amino acids to help your muscles rebuild after workouts. 

AMPED Hydrate
We are in the process of re-branding our favorite sports drink, Replenish™, to join the AMPED line. Look out for the new AMPED Hydrate packaging later this year.

The New Performance Paks

Remember that AMPED is just one part of a greater Performance Solution with Isagenix. Products such as e+™ and IsaLean® PRO Shake are essential tools for well-rounded nutrition and maximum performance. You can now order AMPED products as part of a Performance System, Custom Performance System, or the Performance Value/President’s Pak.

The Science Behind AMPED

Our team of scientists put a lot of work into each Isagenix product, and AMPED is certainly no exception. Want to learn more about the science behind our latest performance line? Read about it in the Team Isagenix Athletes Blog on IsagenixHealth.net.