13950673_1146308055427729_1536386238_oHigh school sweethearts Jennifer and Mark grew up with a youthful energy and optimism for their future. The couple went to college, got married, and had three children. Unfortunately, as their daughter and two sons grew up, their lives became increasingly busy, and they lost the energy and optimism they once had—feeling stressed out, exhausted, and unhappy.

“We never took time for ourselves,” says Jennifer. “We were running from our careers to baseball practices, swim lessons, and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings. We ate fast food and never had peaceful sleep.”

As they got older, their children started to worry about them, so much so that their oldest son Alex went to his long-time baseball coach, 2016 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner Alvie S.

“Alex noticed Alvie’s transformation on Facebook and asked him to reach out to me,” says Mark, “so Alvie reached out, and at first, we weren’t interested, but he remained persistent.”

Eventually, Mark and Jennifer agreed to sit down with Alvie and learn about his Isagenix journey.

“We thought about it and got started with Isagenix the very next day,” they said. “Our ‘why’ was for our children.”

A Spark in Life and Marriage

13988781_1146307975427737_771139020_nSoon after starting their first Isagenix System, Mark and Jennifer’s improved nutrition led to better sleep, increased energy, and smarter eating.

“We’re back to having that youthful energy we had in high school,” says Jennifer.

The couple’s new, healthy, and active lifestyle has reignited their marriage.

“Instead of taking a nap or sitting on the couch watching TV, we’re out biking, hiking, running, and being active together,” says Mark.

They now have their optimism back that their life will be full of adventure, and they are sharing that opportunity with everyone they know.

“We just started sharing and have really tapped into the healthy aging solutions. I’m 50, and Mark is 52, so the Prime Time group is something we’re really excited about,” says Jennifer. “So many of our friends are right where we are.”

Sharing the products has allowed the couple to earn extra income with Isagenix, and they’ve decided to use the extra money on anything that helps them stay healthy, including Isagenix products and events, gym memberships, sports equipment, and travel.

A Solution for the Whole Family

13942506_1146307955427739_1377556181_nMark and Jennifer aren’t the only ones who have found success with Isagenix. Their children have become a part of the Isagenix family as well.

“It fits perfectly into every part of our busy lives and into our kids’ lives,” says Jennifer. “We use these products to support our goals.”

The couple’s oldest son Alex uses the products to release weight he gained in college as he starts his career. Their other son Andrew is using the AMPED™ line as a college football player, and their daughter Alison loves to have an IsaLean® Shake every morning to keep her fueled as a high school cheerleader and softball player.

Jennifer and Mark have been able to support their new goals as well.

“Now that we’ve released the weight, our goals are to firm up and become more defined,” says Mark. “We’re participating in our third IsaBody Challenge, and we have been so motivated by all the different Finalists.”

Mark joined the 100-Pound Club* onstage at 2016 “One Team” Celebration, and he and Jennifer have no plans to stop making and pursuing new goals.

“We feel so strongly that the Isagenix lifestyle is the lifestyle for us,” they say. “We’re so excited to be with this company.”

Earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at IsagenixEarnings.com.

*Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix System. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.