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Lynn Hagedorn & Michael Clouse

Herb & Patty Cepeda

Jimmy Smith’s Visions, LLC

Kelley & Tyler Dickerhoof

Siv & Jay Bennett

Kathy’s Legacy & Tom Smith

Tony & Randi Escobar

Renata Lee & Bob Newnam

Emily & Hayden Vavra

The Greenlaw Group


Herb & Patty Cepeda

Lynn Hagedorn &
Michael Clouse

Jimmy Smith’s Vision

The Greenlaw Group

Alexis Romano

Crimson Phoenix

Kylie Donaldson

Hilari and Justin C.

Hilari & Justin Courtney

Siv & Jay Bennett

Tom Smith

Tony & Randi Escobar


“Commit to making the events and the training calls non-negotiable. Plug yourself into some kind of training every single day.”

Ciji S., Hoboken, New Jersey

“Trust this journey. It will have many peaks and valleys….just don’t quit! Your risk will equal your rewards!!”

Carol W., Spokane Washington

“Be grateful for what you have achieved and be patient. It takes time after you build a foundation to generate the cycles.”

Hilari & Justin C. Mound City, Missouri

“Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all negative things. All the right doors begin to open and all our dreams begin to come true!”

Jill & Andy B., Scottsdale, Arizona
Tara R.

“Always have consistency, even on the days you feel like nothing is happening.”

Tara R., Marina Del Ray, California

“My very first sales manager told me, “If you really want to be rich and successful in life, then help other people do the same and it will happen.”

David and Irene M., Mullaloo, Western Australia

Single Dad Lives Positively With Isagenix

July 24th, 2017|

As the owner of a real estate development company, Chris experienced hard times when the market crashed in 2008 and was left feeling like his life had been turned upside down. A divorced father of two, he began Isagenix as a way to better health and ended up finding more success than he ever imagined.

Holistic Practitioner Finds the Perfect Tool

July 19th, 2017|

A longtime believer in holistic health, Gregory had been in tune with his nutrition long before learning about Isagenix. At first, he didn't even want to try the products. Eventually, though, many became a staple in his life, and he began sharing them with his clients. "If I think it's a good fit for my clients, I get them involved."

Couple Conquers Their Doubts and Their Debt

July 10th, 2017|

Facing a significant amount of debt, Brent and Tracey had no idea what network marketing could do for their future, and honestly didn't think it could provide them with a real income. Finally, after following the lead of a friend, the couple decided to give Isagenix a try and found network marketing success.

From a Pipe Dream to Reality

July 5th, 2017|

"Doing it tough" used to be the norm for the Andrade family, with Christian and Amy working long hours and still struggling to make ends meet. Each was worried about the other's well-being, but then they discovered Isagenix. As their friends and family noticed their results, the couple began sharing the products and were soon building a successful Isagenix business.

Authenticity Leads to Fulfillment for Busy Parents

June 26th, 2017|

When Lindsay’s best friend Laura Stevens dove into Isagenix, Lindsay was her biggest cheerleader and supporter. As a full-time optometrist, wife, and mom to two young girls, Lindsay didn’t see a place for Isagenix in her life. Eventually, though, after watching her Laura thrive with Isagenix for six months, Lindsay said to herself, “If that happened to her, why not me?”

A Part of Something Bigger

June 21st, 2017|

After suffering from an injury while pursuing professional volleyball, Whitney took a government position and found herself unhappy. She tried to make a healthy lifestyle change but didn’t gain the results she wanted, so her husband, Calvin, suggested they reach out to their friends. After speaking with them about Isagenix, Calvin couldn’t stop thinking about the Isagenix opportunity.