Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaire No. 231, Gregory Axelson!

07-17-17_gregoryaxelson_500x500 As a longtime believer in holistic health, Gregory had been in tune with his nutrition long before learning about Isagenix. In fact, when Gregory was first introduced to the products, he was reluctant to give them a try.

Greg had been involved in many other network marketing companies, and while he appreciated their products, he wasn’t looking to get involved in business side of things. Eventually, though, he tried Ionix® Supreme and liked his results.

From there, Gregory took a better look at the Isagenix product line and was impressed with the formulation, ingredients, and integrity of the Isagenix System. He decided to try more of the products, and many are now a staple in his life.

“I didn’t experience any huge transformation, as nutrition is part of what I do, but there’s no combination of food that I have found that will give me the same nutritional boost as an IsaLean® Shake in the morning,” said Gregory.

“It’s a great nutritional support, and for that alone, it’s worth it. I figured if I was going to get into this, I’d plug along at the business, too.”

Finding the Right Fit

daddy-daughter-summer-2013-112-resizedGoing forward, Gregory began to incorporate the Isagenix products into his practice whenever he saw fit, and he has continued to see Isagenix as one of the many tools that can improve his clients’ quality of life.

“Isagenix is a beautiful adjunct for many people that I see, and if I think it will fit for them, I get them involved,” he said.

Through his sharing, Gregory has built a wonderful team with Isagenix, and many on his team have become incredible business builders. Whenever someone he has introduced to the products wants to get involved in the business, Gregory says his best piece of advice is to attend events, as the information shared and science behind the products is invaluable.

Surpassing His Expectations

img_7629-2-resizedAt this point, Gregory’s business has completely surpassed his expectations, but he admits that it wasn’t always that way. In the beginning, he was focused on his income quite a bit, which always left him feeling like he wasn’t quite reaching his goals.

“I used to be focused on the money when building my business, but as soon as I realized I needed to take my focus off the money, and put it into the means, my business started exceeding all of my expectations,” he said. “It wasn’t about trading for dollars anymore, it was discovering how Isagenix could help support my passion for holistic wellness.”

Now, Gregory can focus on growing his holistic retreat center, without having to worry about the income it’s generating.

“I have to pinch myself frequently, just at the abundance that has come to me and my family through this opportunity.”

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