Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaires No. 230, Brent and Tracey Shaw!

shaw-100When Brent was introduced to Isagenix by his good friend Andy Bauman, he had no interest in the business. Brent and his wife, Tracey, were struggling to get out from under the debt they had acquired in the 2008 housing market, and he just didn’t believe it was possible to earn a real income with network marketing.

Brent agreed to go ahead and try the products, and Andy’s wife, Jill, helped him sign up with Isagenix.

For the next 11 months, Brent used the products inconsistently, but Jill remained available. At Andy’s suggestion, Brent decided to take a look at the business and met with Jill. After he met with her, he decided to share Isagenix with a few people, including Tracey and his sister April Nunemaker.

Tracey started using the Isagenix nutrition, and that got her interested in the business.

“We shared a little bit at first, and we started to realize this was earning enough money for us to start paying attention,” said Brent.

Finding Their Passion

shaw-corp-croppedThat December, Brent and Tracey reached the rank of Executive, and the following August, they decided to attend a Celebration event.

“Tracey thought it would be good for us, and it ended up being the moment when everything took off,” he said. “We had hit Executive, but we weren’t really dedicated in our business yet. At Celebration, I became more passionate, and Tracey got more involved. Once we started working as a couple, it really started driving our passion to build, because we were doing it together.”

The couple went from doubting network marketing to seeing that they now had another option. After retiring from 21 years as a police officer, Brent had been in the business of selling armored cars, and Tracey was an owner/broker of a successful real estate company.

“You have to have a reason to keep going at a different level than what most people are willing to commit,” Brent said. “Whether you’re passionate about nutrition, passionate about helping others get out of debt, or looking for a way out of your own, it helps to know your ‘why.’”

The Biggest Excitement

Leaving Debt BehindBrent and Tracey are so thankful for what their Isagenix business has allowed them to do, especially in regards to their son. They’re there when he gets up in the morning and when he comes home from school, and Brent never misses a basketball game or practice.

“He sees us a lot, and he’s really a part of our business,” said Brent. “He sees what we do, and we really put ourselves out there, through social media or our cars and our clothes. Everything we do is Isagenix.”

In addition to what Isagenix is doing for their family, Brent and Tracey are also extremely excited about what they’re doing for others.

“When someone tells us that they’ve paid off a debt of some sort, that’s the biggest excitement for us,” said Brent. “We know the relief that brings, and it’s just incredible to see families doing things that they couldn’t have done without Isagenix.”

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