8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Month. Prioritizing your mental health isn’t just a good idea once a year, it’s a necessity every day. When you take care of your mental health, you’re better able to deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Make time to call and visit your friends and family. Cultivate the relationships in which you can be yourself and loved. If you have no one nearby, join a local church, synagogue, or community organization and get involved to create new connections.

2. Make Time for Exercise

Even five minutes of exercise improves how you feel mentally, as well as physically. Take a walk or ride a bike. Bonus tip? By getting outside, you’ll also soak up your daily dose of Vitamin D, which will help your mood too. (Remember to apply sunscreen.)

3. Take Time to Grieve Your Losses

The past couple of years have been tough on everyone. Likely you or someone you know has recently been affected by a loved one’s death. A sense of loss can accompany even positive events like moving to a new house or retiring. Grieving is a completely natural and necessary ritual. It’s also not linear, so be gentle with yourself as you learn to carry it.

4. Invest in Your Rest

Lack of sleep can contribute to a variety of physical and mental ailments. On average, a person needs about 8 hours of sleep per night. Find out how many hours work best for you and break out your inner mama bear if anything tries to get between you and a restful, restorative night’s sleep.

5. Stay Mentally Stimulated

Consider volunteering or taking a class in an area that interests you. Explore new hobbies like photography, learning another language, or reading a really good book.

6. Burst into Laughter

A positive attitude and laughter can boost your mood in a matter of minutes. Get out and spend time with people who make you laugh. More of an introvert? Watch all your old fave funny movies or shows. Not only will this make you smile, but some say reruns help us feel calm in an increasingly anxious world. Nothing coming to mind? Try these funny animal YouTube videos.

A pet can be an excellent companion. Plus, pet owners get more exercise and have more social interactions than those without a pet. (See where this is headed?) Don’t have a furry friend of your own? Look to your local shelters for adoption or fostering options. It’s a win-win for both of you!

8. Sip a Big Ole Bliss Bomb

Adaptogens are a group of plants that gradually help your body adapt to stress. And while it may seem revolutionary, the unique blend of herbs, botanicals, and adaptogens found in Adaptogen Elixir creates a time- tested yet modern way of managing daily stress.* So go ahead, sip your way to serenity. It looks great on you.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Seek Help

Admitting you’re struggling can be challenging, but there’s absolutely no shame in it. Try confiding in a trusted friend or family member. Talking to someone about your concerns can help process your feelings and may help reduce some of the stress you’re feeling.
If you’re concerned about your mental health, you should seek help from a medical or mental health professional. A great place to start is by connecting with your primary care doctor.

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