What’s Life Like After Joining the 100-Pound Club?

Once an accountant, Jennifer had a vastly different vision for her life. She felt “trapped” in an overweight body when she yearned to complete the adventurous journeys she had always envisioned. Now a 100-Pound Member and spin instructor, Jennifer wants you to know the life YOU can have after the joining the 100-Pound Club. Continue reading →

Grape Replenish Temporarily Unavailable in the U.S. & Canada

Since launching our newest product, Replenish™, on January 16, orders have been pouring in. Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve exhausted our inventory for Refreshing Grape Replenish sticks and canisters in the U.S. and Canada. Please note that if you added Refreshing Grape Replenish to your future Autoship order, the product will be included when your order is delivered. In the meantime, inventory of Replenish in Lemon Lime and Juicy Orange is ready to ship and available for ordering in both Continue reading →