Heisman Trophy Winner Gets Serious about Isagenix

Johnny Rodgers has always been a pro at scoring big. This 63-year-old powerhouse has attained prestigious awards such as the 1972 Heisman Trophy and Nebraska’s “Player of the Century” by Sports Illustrated. But aside from the titles and fame, today the former San Diego Chargers receiver is more focused on what he puts into his body and how it will affect him long term. Here is what he shared about his journey with Isagenix. Continue reading →

Peta Trusts Her Instincts and Abundance Follows

Today, Peta is a beacon of success for young entrepreneurs across the globe. As a featured trainer at this year’s Celebration—not to mention being a winner of the $500 Million Together We Will Challenge in Paris—this START Ambassador has certainly earned her Isagenix stripes. Before Peta was a top international leader at Isagenix, this well-educated scientist felt “misaligned.” Continue reading →