Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaire No. 197, Mary P.!

Mary & Bill 2Since the 1980s, Mary has started six successful businesses with a simple goal in mind—to meet the needs of those in her town.

Her first business was a horse supply and tack shop. After experiencing poor customer service at the only tack shop in town, Mary planned to order her supplies elsewhere. On her way home, she thought more about her experience and decided instead to open her own shop.

“I didn’t know anything about business when I started, but I know people,” says Mary.

With Family“I used a little building that a friend owned,” she continues, “and as I sold a little bit of stuff, I’d put the money right back into the business. Before I knew it, I had a really good little business going.”

Then a customer suggested she open a pet shop, as they didn’t have any pet shops in town. Mary took that suggestion a little further, opening a pet shop that offered boarding and grooming as well.

“Both of those businesses were started out of a need, and they were both very successful,” she says.

Mary later opened a nail salon, laundromat, car wash, and a locksmith business with her husband. Eventually, she sold all of her businesses to focus on expanding her salon, and it was then that she was introduced to network marketing—another kind of business.

Discovering a Different Kind of Business

With Mac and ErikBy the time Mary was introduced to Isagenix, her nail salon had evolved to include hairdressers and massage therapists, and it was actually one of her massage therapists who approached her about Isagenix. Robert A. asked Mary if he could tell her about a business opportunity one day while she was eating lunch. He explained that he and his wife had amazing results with Isagenix products and asked if he could have permission to share Isagenix with customers. Mary was completely uninterested because she had been approached by so many different companies in the past.

As the day went on, Mary realized that she had been very rude to Robert, so she immediately apologized and agreed to give Isagenix a try.

“I tried the products and had phenomenal results, so of course my clients started asking what I was doing,” says Mary. “Then I got this credit card in the mail, and at first, I didn’t know what it was, but Robert explained that Isagenix was paying me for sharing.”

At that time, Mary was fully invested in running her salon and wanted nothing to do with the business side of Isagenix. Then she heard Isagenix Co-Founder Kathy Coover speak onstage at her first Isagenix event.

Creating a Company to Help Others

Team“Kathy said, ‘I want to prove that a network marketing company done right is a powerful business that helps people,’” remembers Mary. “I thought, whoa, I’ve done that before. I’ve started six businesses for that very reason.”

When Mary returned home, she felt more open to sharing the Isagenix opportunity, as she realized that she could now fill the health and wellness needs of those around her.

Now, Mary’s goal is to help others in her line of business discover this opportunity.

“Salon owners, hairdressers, and just about any person in this industry have no plan after retirement. My goal is to show them that we can have an opportunity with Isagenix that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Currently, Mary is using her Isagenix income for renovations and to redo the landscaping at her salon, something she wouldn’t have been able to afford previously.

“It’s just unbelievable,” she says. “I’m so grateful that Kathy got up onstage that day.”

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