Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaire No. 199, Michelle S.!

CoupleMichelle and her husband were expecting their fourth child in August of 2011. As a teacher, student, and mother of three, she already had a lot on her plate. As a former Division 1 collegiate track athlete, she prided herself on eating healthily and remaining physically fit. However, when her fourth child was on the way, she began to realize that she was no longer making her own well-being a priority.

“My daily responsibilities completely stressed me out,” she says. “I was gaining weight faster and shoveling sugar into my mouth.”

Her husband, a passionate dairy farmer, was their main source of income, but his salary was dependent on the milk market where prices fluctuated daily.

“We had many years of low milk prices. I had lost my teaching position, too, and I felt like a drain on the family income being a student again.”

A number of monetary setbacks, such as tornado and a fire, truly hurt their income.

“My husband was working 24/7, and he was hardly even here at the house.”

The mother of four said it was like being a single mother with him working so hard to support them all.

“My goal at first was to take some pressure off him so he could continue to do what he loved.”

From Dairy Farming to Business Building

KidsAs fate would have it, she happened to see a Facebook post about Isagenix. Wanting to know more, she reached out for more information. Looking for a new way to get the nutrients she needed, Michelle found solutions within the Isagenix products. She began with the 30-Day System and then branched out to other Isagenix products. She even used Cleanse for Life® nightly. She feels her Isagenix experience was unique and encourages others to try for themselves and feel the difference.

“I was putting good nutrition in my body and cutting out the sugar,” she says. “I then found myself sleeping better and having more energy during the day.”

Eating It, Sharing It, and Loving It!

Michelle wanted to continue using the products while sharing them with others. Her goal was to help change lives, the way hers had changed for the better.

“I wanted to share my original product experience,” she says.

To help earn some income for their family, they began sharing the products with their friends. Once Michelle realized that there was potential to do more with the business, she felt that there was no real reason to stop. She began to use tools such as the 90-Day Game Plan and social media to network all over the country.

Family First

FamilyMichelle states that network marketing can be right for anyone who wants to do the business their way, without relying on someone else.

“You don’t have to be dependent on someone. You learn to just create the structure yourself.”

She adds that the resources are all there for you to use, such as and the promotions through the Associate Back Office. But to this businesswoman, the real convenience is the ability to work at your own pace. The ability to work from home or on the road played a major factor in Michelle’s ability to spend time with her kids. Their relatives live across the country, and the family has been able to fly out to visit without stopping her business.

“I can now be there for the kids’ gymnastics meets, football games, or if they’re doing something special in class,” she says.

The mother of four was also able to start her doctorate while beginning her Isagenix business.

“Isagenix provides us with so many tools,” Michelle states. “Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. Use them for yourself!”

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