Laura was introduced to Isagenix by a good friend, but she was still a “total skeptic” of the products. “I just couldn’t imagine how this stuff was going to make me feel any better. The only reason I decided to try it was because of the money-back guarantee,” she laughs. “I had already tried a lot of other things, and they didn’t have money-back guarantees, so I had a lot of canisters and containers in my closet.”

Now, Laura can get rid of those containers, because with Isagenix, she finally found her solution.

FamilyLaura had been looking for an answer to her lack of energy. Despite eating a clean diet and exercising regularly, Laura just couldn’t shake her exhaustion.

“I just wasn’t feeling too great and it had been going on for a couple months,” she says.

After deciding to try Isagenix, it only took a week for Laura to notice a change in her energy level. “It was day seven and I’ll never forget, I got up out of bed and the brain fog was gone,” she recalls. “I finally felt rested and energized.”

Where the Story Began

Laura was loving her results, but she still wasn’t interested in pursuing the business side of Isagenix. She already worked full-time in her career in human resources, kept a part-time job, and was working to start her own health coaching business. “I didn’t know anything about network marketing and had no interest in adding any more jobs to what I was doing,” she explains.

Her transformation was so noticeable, though, that her husband jumped in. Within a couple of weeks, both of her sisters and two of her girlfriends joined, and Laura received her first commission check. “I thought, ‘What’s going on here?’ I realized there was a lot more to this than feeling good,” Laura recalls. “That’s kind of where the story began.”

The Final Spark Into Action

Once Laura decided to build a business with Isagenix, she agreed to go to Celebration 2014 with a friend. It was at the event that Laura decided she would be quitting her full-time corporate job and pursing Isagenix full time by the end of 2014, and that’s exactly what she did. “By January of 2015, I was full time with my Isagenix business, and it just took one more event—an IsaU in Washington, D.C. That was really the final spark that got me into action,” says Laura.

TeamLaura has had a blast building her team and choosing who she gets to work with.

“It’s significantly different than corporate America where people can just be out for themselves,” she says. “This is such team sport, and teamwork definitely makes the dream work.”

Currently, Laura plans to go to Celebration 2016 with 40 of her teammates, and she’s hoping to get that number up to sixty or seventy. “That would be fantastic.”

Laura’s favorite part of building a business with Isagenix is seeing the positive impact that it has on others. “When I watch my team rank advance and the impact this has on their families and their lives, those are the moments that stand out the most for me,” she says.

Laura is also thankful for the time freedom that she has been given so that she can be there for her husband, son, and daughter. “This provided me an opportunity to be with them in these last five or six years before they go off to college. It’s been a blessing to get my daughter off the bus and to be at all of my son’s lacrosse games.”

The Path to Success

“There are so many people that have gone before us that have been incredibly successful, and they’re so willing to coach and train and share tips,” Laura says.

Now, being a mentor to others is one of the things that Laura loves most. To succeed in this business, she recommends a few steps:

Laura’s Steps to Success

  1. Grab a mentor and be a sponge—be coachable, and soak up everything they have to offer.
  2. Go to, and start using the free tools. Dig in and understand the compensation plan.
  3. Work with others to build your business and create the life you want.

For Laura, that’s all there is to it. “If you have the desire, Isagenix gives you everything else,” she says.

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