When you set off to live a healthy lifestyle, you may quickly find that making healthy changes is easier said than done. Between working full time, raising kids, and everything else on your plate, how do you make time for daily exercise, a nutritious diet, and a balanced mind?

It may seem impossible at first, but it CAN be done. To prove it, I talked to Team Isagenix ambassador Christie Nix, who’s living her best and healthiest life as an Army wife, mom of three, and nationally qualified figure competitor.

Here are her best tips for making fitness part of your lifestyle, no matter how busy life gets.

Be Consistent in the Areas You Can Control

Christie Nix with her two daughters and son - healthy changes

As a personal trainer, Christie spoke to hundreds of women. She understands how overwhelming it can be to make healthy changes when it seems like every expert has conflicting opinions. Her advice? Gravitate toward the aspects of a healthy lifestyle you know will fit your life long-term, whatever that means for YOU.

For Christie, that means being consistent in her and her family’s nutrition, which she can control wherever Army life takes them. She focuses on a combination of whole foods and two IsaLean® Shakes a day.

“I always tell my clients, let’s master the basics: nutrition, movement, and consistency,” said Christie. “From one person to the next, that might look a little different. But, it’s my job to help them do it and to help them embrace it long-term.”

Always Be Open to Healthy Changes

Christie Nix doing a deadlift at a powerlifting competition - healthy changes

This may sound contradictory to the tip you just read. It’s important to remember that in your health and fitness journey, you can’t control everything.

Before their last move, Christie’s family moved nine times in just 12 years. With each move, she had to adapt to reach her goals. Now an avid powerlifting athlete, Christie explains how her passion for the sport came from one of their moves.

“I went from an amazing bodybuilding gym to something much smaller,” she explained. “Powerlifting gave me that competitive outlet with minimal equipment needs and the challenge of a new goal: being STRONGER than ever.”

Never let an obstacle like a small gym keep you from where you want to be. Give yourself grace, embrace the seasons, but stay committed to your goals!

Healthy Changes Require Patience

Christie Nix with her husband at the beach - healthy changes

Making healthy changes and improving your lifestyle is awesome, but it may take a while to start seeing positive results. Remember to be patient and that this is a process.

If you want to lose fat and gain muscle, it’s a process of putting enough of the right stuff in — effort, nutrition, etc. — and maximizing the use of that. Make sure you’re getting adequate rest and recovery, and embrace the time it will take to reach your goals. This is a process of creation, of building something that’s not there.

Christie never minds seeing a “flex selfie” because it’s a reflection of something that person believed in and trained for long before it was visible.

Meet Christie

Christie Nix in a bikini posing onstage for a competition - healthy changes

Christie started using Isagenix products in 2014, and the business model couldn’t be more perfect for her and her family.

“I was truly humbled by Isagenix when I realized I was now surrounded by the most amazing people in the fitness and network marketing industry,” said Christie. “Being named a Team Isagenix ambassador was confirmation to me that I’m doing right by the company, and finding that out … my heart skipped a beat.

“Isagenix is my home, no matter where the Army sends us or what my fitness goals are at the time.”