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5 Healthy Vegan & Vegetarian Snack Recipes

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What are you doing for Earth Day? While you’re out there helping Mother Nature, try one of these delicious and healthy vegan snack recipes to celebrate a happier, healthier planet! Today, we celebrate Earth Day by finding a few healthy and delicious ways to snack more on mother nature! Earth Day calls on people all over the world to contribute to better stewardship of the planet by reducing plastic use, lowering carbon emission, and – for all our vegan and vegetarian friends out there – eating more fruits and vegetables.

  • Healthy Recipes Under 600 Calories

Switch It Up With These 400- to 600-Calorie Recipes

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Whether it’s consuming dairy-free foods and drinks, choosing to lead a plant-based lifestyle, or packing in protein, many of us have modified our nutritional intake in some way, shape, or form. Yet, many find themselves discouraged or under the impression that a diet that has modifications is dull or lacks flavors. We want to help you change that mindset!

3 Plant-Based Ways to Cure Your Dairy-Free Cravings

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We have received a phenomenal response to our dairy-free IsaLean® Bars since their original launch, even more so since we introduced the latest flavor, Chocolate Coconut Almond. We recognize the demand for more plant-based options, which is why we are proud to offer three mouth-watering flavors of our popular IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free.

Delicious Isagenix Coffee Recipes

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Summertime is fast approaching, and here at Isagenix World Headquarters, we’re starting to feel the summer heat. A warm cup of Isagenix Coffee can be enjoyed all year long, but if you’re looking for some chilly alternatives that will help you cool off, try an Isagenix Café Mocha or Caramel Macchiato Shake!

New Dairy-Free Chocolate Coconut Almond IsaLean Bar!

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At Isagenix, we understand the importance of offering options. That is why we continue to expand our dairy-free selections. Our new Chocolate Coconut Almond IsaLean® Bar Dairy-Free is no exception to our no-compromise standards, and this new product flavor is one worth shouting for!

More Options for Your Plant-Based Lifestyle

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Whether you have an allergy to dairy, you are vegetarian or vegan, or you’re just looking for plant-based options, enjoying a plant-based lifestyle can be a healthy choice. IsaLean® Shakes Dairy-Free and the new IsaLean® Bars Dairy-Free are two plant-based options. Since our dairy-free shakes are back in stock, you have the opportunity to #DrinkMorePlants.

Announcing NEW Cleanse Support Kit With Natural Wild Berry Isagenix Snacks

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This year, Isagenix revolutionized their product line with the introduction of more dairy-free, plant-based protein options: IsaLean® Shake Dairy-Free and IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free. Our dairy-free options are gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly. Now, Isagenix is proud to offer a dairy-free, 4-day Cleanse Support Kit with Natural Wild Berry Isagenix Snacks™.* Add it to your Isagenix System today.

IsaLean Shake Dairy-Free Now Available in 2 New Flavors (Back in Stock)

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We’re excited to welcome two new members to our Weight Loss Solution and IsaLean® product family today: IsaLean Shake Dairy-Free in Vanilla Chai and Rich Chocolate. IsaLean Shake is a staple of the Isagenix System and now even more people can enjoy these amazing meal replacement shakes. These new flavors are so delicious; you have to taste them to believe it!

Introducing IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free in 2 New Flavors! (Video)

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Drink More Plants is sweeping the globe with IsaLean® Shake Dairy-Free quickly becoming one of the most popular products in the Isagenix lineup! Our customers have expressed demand for more plant-based options, and we’re responding by adding two deliciously flavored dairy-free versions of our popular IsaLean Bars: Chocolate Berry Bliss and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Back in Stock: Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean Shake in Canada

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Our Dairy-Free Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean® Shake is now back in stock and ready to ship in Canada! If you’ve been wanting a 14-count box, the wait is over. Dairy-free, vegetarian-friendly, IsaLean Shake in Natural Berry Harvest features a uniquely formulated plant-based protein combination to maintain and build lean muscle while supporting weight maintenance.

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