Overcoming Doubt in Network Marketing to Find Success

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As a licensed master sports nutritionist and functional fitness trainer, national best-selling author, and the creator of several award-winning DVDs, Natalie Jill didn’t want anything to hurt the brand she had worked so hard to develop. Then she realized that Isagenix was a great way to help her brand, not hurt it.

Sharing vs. Selling: 3 Reasons Sharing Beats Selling

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There’s a reason top Isagenix business builders talk about sharing Isagenix. And there’s a reason that selling is conspicuously absent from their vocabulary. Just like rock beats scissors, sharing beats selling. Every time. Why? We’re glad you asked! Read three reasons why sharing beats selling, and check out some helpful tools to help you share.

Isagenix vs..? How Does Isagenix Compare to Other Companies?

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Have you ever been asked to compare Isagenix versus another health and wellness product or another network marketing company? It seems like a complicated question, requiring lots of research, but the answer is simple! You don’t need to know every detail about Isagenix vs. the competition. All you need to know is why the person is asking you that question.

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