March 8th is International Women’s Day 2020.

It takes drive, intelligence, skills, passion, and resources to start your own business. Today, we celebrate the amazing ladies who decided to take a risk and start out on their own.

What makes entrepreneurship so attractive to some?
And what is some advice our own Isagenix entrepreneurs would give?

Celebrate today.
Because every woman has something unique to contribute to the world. Don’t give up. There’s an entire community out there ready to catch you when you leap into whatever amazing idea you have.

The Inspiration

Kathy Coover

Kathy Coover in pink dress

“Belief in your business starts with belief in yourself. I am so passionate about inspiring others, and especially about helping women achieve success. I am incredibly honored to pay it forward by helping all women explore their futures and reminding them that believing in yourself is the first step to success.”


 The Go-Getter

 Helen Costa-Giles

 Helen Costa-Giles

“I think women are natural entrepreneurs because we are natural fixers. We see a need and want to fix it. So many women feel alone in their journey for greater impact. Coming together as a community and fueling each other’s purpose will set the entrepreneurial world for women on fire. I am always so excited to help more women step into their entrepreneurial space and really rise to the purpose that excites them.”


The Believer

Emma Poli

Emma Poli

“Don’t listen even if the whole world is against you, teasing you, or saying you’re not going to make it. Believe in yourself … no matter what!”


The Dreamer

Whitney Beers

Whitney Beers

“After graduating from college and working in a corporate role, it became clear to me that women in business often get overlooked and underpaid, yet are extremely driven and craving growth and more for themselves. Watching so many women run their own businesses now is a dream for me. I love watching them step out of that box, grow their minds, and do incredible things that they never thought they were capable of! As women, we need to stick together and support one another no matter what.”

The Balancer

An Pham Medina

An Pham Medina by brick wall

“What inspires me most about being a female entrepreneur is being able to do it all and have it all, too! I love being able to have a career and a family without having to sacrifice my role as a mom. As an entrepreneur, I am able to pursue my passion of helping others while choosing when I work and who I work with.”       

The Sage

Tara Romano

woman with brown hair

“If I could give my 12-year-old self some advice, it would be: You are good enough, you can do it, and there is no destination. Happiness, that is your destination. Your mind will try and convince you otherwise. Also, take the chance, have the cake, less social media, more nature, forgive, love, and travel as much as you can. And don’t take any of it too seriously.”


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