From Despair to Destiny: 400-Pound Club Member Loses Weight & Gains Health

Before she had a life-changing experience, Kenya’s life looked drastically different than it does now. Weighing almost 600 pounds, she spent her days lying down and was unable to work. It wasn't until she found Isagenix and began using the products regularly that she was able to improve her life and lose over 400 pounds.* Continue reading →

Police Officer & Father of 3 Loses Over 100 Pounds

At his heaviest, Bryan weighed in at 387 pounds. His weight was affecting his daily life, hindering him from enjoying time with his family, making it uncomfortable to fit into airplane seats, and almost preventing him from performing his job as a police officer. Finally, Bryan began using Isagenix products and started to see positive results. Continue reading →

IsaBody Challenge Finalist Loses 100 Pounds* and Finds Freedom

A competitor at heart, Jennifer L. was introduced to Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge® at the same time, so she’s never known one without the other. She did know, however, that she had 100 pounds to lose, and she knew she had the confidence inside her to set a goal and complete the Challenge. Continue reading →

No Gym Necessary: IsaBody Finalist Loses 100 Pounds* With At-Home Workouts

When Yovanka began to plan her 40th birthday trip to Las Vegas in 2015, she never thought Isagenix would be part of that milestone. She never fathomed that she would be walking the stage as an IsaBody™ Finalist at 2016 Celebration in Las Vegas, and she certainly didn’t dream that she’d be 100 pounds* lighter! Continue reading →

After Losing 100 Pounds,* This 58-Year-Old Aims to Lose 100 More

Seven months into his Isagenix journey, Neal has released 119 pounds,* but he's not stopping until he releases 200 pounds total. “I’m 58 years old, but I have a long life to live. I know there’s still gas in the tank,” says Neal. “Isagenix provided me the fuel to get to this point, and it’s not over.” Continue reading →