• Woman shows off her after weight loss physique

From Twice Her Size to Triathlete

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“I wasn’t an overnight success.” That’s one thing 100-Pound Club member Dawn Bartolini wants everyone to know. After giving birth to her son, she was focusing on her children and her family restaurant and not prioritizing her health. Weight kept piling on, and Dawn tried to manage it by starting new weight loss programs almost weekly. Nothing ever gave her the results she desired. One day, Dawn’s son took a picture of her sitting in the hallway at his school, where she volunteered. “This picture did not look like a picture of health, at all,” she said. It was seeing that picture that spurred her to change.

No Longer Trapped Inside His Body

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After living an unhealthy lifestyle for many years, Wade Rywolt reached a turning point when his wife gave birth to their first daughter. At 285 pounds, he was overweight but knew he wanted to set a better example for his daughter. It wasn’t until he discovered Isagenix that he could successfully lose weight and learn how to maintain his 100-pound weight loss.

Incredible Weight Loss for a Healthy Lifestyle

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An injury and a corporate lifestyle left Rob Dhillon stressed and looking for a solution to lose weight and live an all-around healthier lifestyle. He committed to it, and through hard work and his Isagenix System, he achieved his weight loss goals as a 100-Pound Club member and discovered a passion for cooking.

Grandmother Invests in Herself, Releases 100 Pounds*

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There was a time in Laura Hyman’s life when she weighed over 250 pounds, putting the needs of others in front of herself. She decided she had to look at her life and where she was headed. She found Isagenix and IsaBody™ and made the changes she needed to become the best wife, mother, and grandmother she could be.

Because I Can: 200-Pound Club Member No Longer Feels Trapped in Her Body

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Chubby since childhood, Robin Janes never imagined she could lose weight, let alone over 200 pounds.* Robin’s weight affected everyday things like going to the grocery store. She never had a plan around losing weight, but when she began to make Isagenix a part of her lifestyle, things started to fall into place.

Check Out the Updated 100-Pound Club

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It takes exceptional discipline and dedication to release 100 pounds or more. That is why Isagenix is proud to honor those who hit this milestone using Isagenix products with eligibility to apply for the updated 100-Pound Club! Learn how you can become a member and be eligible to receive a variety of perks and benefits.

From Despair to Destiny: 400-Pound Club Member Loses Weight & Gains Health

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Before she had a life-changing experience, Kenya’s life looked drastically different than it does now. Weighing almost 600 pounds, she spent her days lying down and was unable to work. It wasn't until she found Isagenix and began using the products regularly that she was able to improve her life and lose over 400 pounds.*

Police Officer & Father of 3 Loses Over 100 Pounds

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At his heaviest, Bryan weighed in at 387 pounds. His weight was affecting his daily life, hindering him from enjoying time with his family, making it uncomfortable to fit into airplane seats, and almost preventing him from performing his job as a police officer. Finally, Bryan began using Isagenix products and started to see positive results.

IsaBody Challenge Finalist Loses 100 Pounds* and Finds Freedom

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A competitor at heart, Jennifer L. was introduced to Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge® at the same time, so she’s never known one without the other. She did know, however, that she had 100 pounds to lose, and she knew she had the confidence inside her to set a goal and complete the Challenge.

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