Your Two-Month Summer Body Plan

It’s almost time for shorts, swimsuits and all things summer. Is your body ready? Get serious in the next 60 days and you’ll be ready to face summer with confidence! Here’s the plan: Step 1: Commit! Why are you working so hard over the next 60 days? If you don’t have an answer now, you’ll have a lot of excuses for the next two months. Find out what is motivating you and create positive reminders that will encourage you to stay in positive action toward your goals. Take your starting Continue reading →

Daphne Ditches Corporate Career for Time and Financial Freedom

Daphne was a Senior Vice President at a GPS company with a promising career. She was working 12-hour days and traveling extensively, but she was missing out on valuable time with her daughter. She wasn’t looking for a career change, but a solution to improve her overall health and well-being. She struggled for nearly four years with consistently feeling fatigued. Shannon, a friend with similar challenges was using Isagenix and feeling great, so Daphne decided to try the products. When Continue reading →

Using Science to Share Isagenix

When you have a great experience with a product or company, it’s natural to spread the word to friends or family. Isagenix product users love sharing their successes with others and helping them start their own transformational journeys. Sometimes, however, your good intentions are met with healthy skepticism. How can you overcome those objections? Point to the facts! Scientific studies have shown that the Isagenix system works – and even produced results superior to the leading heart-healthy Continue reading →