This month, Isagenix welcomed Joshua Plant, Ph.D., as chief science officer. He is an accomplished, respected professional in the preventative health and nutritional sciences industry.

Role and Responsibility

As chief science officer, Joshua oversees the research and development, product design and development, product commercialization, and quality assurance of all Isagenix products. He is also chairman of the Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board, a group of top medical and health professionals who lend their experience and expertise to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of Isagenix products.

Leading the Isagenix Center of Nutrition and Science (ICONS), Joshua provides invaluable direction and support to this team of nutritionists, health experts, food scientists, chemists, microbiologists, and biologists. They work to enhance the quality, safety, and efficacy of current and future Isagenix products.

Extensive Background and Experience

Joshua attended the University of Utah and received a doctorate in medical sciences from Harvard University, graduating first in his class.

Prior to joining Isagenix, he served as chief operating officer, formulator, and chairman of the product advisory board of another direct selling company.

Professional Inspiration and Personal Hobbies

Joshua believes the most exciting aspect of the direct selling industry is that it allows people to see their own potential and achieve their goals.

A married father of four children, he enjoys playing racquetball, lifting weights, and reading political sci-fi books.