5 Reasons Dessert Is Perfect for Weight Loss


There are so many protein shake and meal replacement flavors beyond vanilla and chocolate. Great taste is a universal language, and we expect our food, healthy or not, to satisfy our taste buds. And for what food is that truer of than dessert? Even before the first appetizer hits the table, dessert is the course on our minds.

Here are five ways dessert can become your best friend while you slim down for summer:


1. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We live in a world surrounded by indulgence. Desserts are scattered across the grocery store and sit at the front of the deli. What’s the one thing your waiter or waitress asks at the end of every meal? “Did we leave room for some dessert?” Denying these indulgences can be difficult, but having a raspberry cheesecake-flavored shake in our lives makes it a little easier. Opting for a creamy, refreshing protein shake instead of a scoop (or three) of ice cream can make a big difference in your weekly calorie goals.

2. Guiltily Eat Without the Guilt

We all make that face ordering cheesecake at the end of the meal – the I-know-this-is-wrong-but-it-feels-so-right face. Our IsaLean Shakes are packed with so much flavor that you can indulge your sweet tooth without the inevitable side of guilt.

3. Eliminate ‘Cheat Day’

Cheat day is a double-edged sword. Setting aside one day a week to indulge helps us stay faithful to the other six days, but the temptation to go overboard on cheat day is ever looming. Indulgent flavors like strawberry cream help any day feel like cheat day without piling on calories and sabotaging your whole week.

4. Shake Up Your Flavors

Not that we could ever get tired of chocolate, but keep an eye out for our seasonal shake flavor releases — because trying something new is always fun.

5. Replace Binge Eating

Good food is more filling. That’s why it’s so easy to binge on junk food full of empty, nutritionally void calories. IsaLean Shake is already full of protein, carbs, and good fats to satisfy hunger, and the indulgent flavors of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry cream, and more takes that satisfaction a little further. You won’t be able to stand the sight of junk food after trying one of these.

Ready to indulge? Try all of our shake flavors, and order today! Use the IsaLife™ mobile app, or visit your Back Office.

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