Cabin fever doesn’t begin to describe the way many people are feeling after nearly five months of lockdown or quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most vacation destinations — international travel, resorts, theme parks, city life — are still closed, forcing wannabe travelers to get creative when leaving the house. Airports are open and planes are in the sky, but not everyone is comfortable packing into a steel tube with other people, even with strict mask requirements. 

That leaves one option, and it’s my personal favorite — road trip. 

But where to go? Despite all the places listed above, there are still gems out there that are open, relatively safe, and ready to welcome travelers. If you’re looking to take a last-minute road triphere are some tips to make it your best one yet. 

Keep perspective 

Dog sticking its head out the window

This is important. If you have your health, your career, and the means to leave the house and escape for a long weekend, take a moment to reflect on that blessing. These last five months have been much more than an inconvenience to millions of Americans and millions more around the world. Think of this road trip as a way to not only get out of the house but also practice gratitude. 

Explore mountains and wilderness 

Road loading to forest with a snowy mountaintop in the background

This is the go-to for most travelers during quarantine. It’s quick and cheap and keeps you and your family away from crowds. Even if you don’t live in the mountainous parts of the country, there’s likely a wilderness escape near your home. 

  • State parks are accessible and affordable. Some campgrounds may be closed during COVID-19, so call ahead for openings and availability. 
  • National forests and Bureau of Land Management public lands are mostly open on a first-come, first-served basis for dispersed camping in the wilderness. If you can find a spot, you’re allowed to camp. 
  • Most national parks are open but have certain restrictions during COVID-19. 

Visit small towns 

While big cities have taken extra measures to protect dense populations during COVID-19, small towns offer a charming getaway with fewer people. Historical sites, parks, dining patios, and other summer spots are likely open and ready for business in a small town near you. Remember to be respectful and mindful of the rules, as you won’t be the only one leaving a big city for a small town. 

Enjoy famous routes 

Sky view of road in the mountains near the ocean

Sometimes the best road trip is one without a destination at all. It’s all about the journey, right? Well, North America has some of the best journeys you can see from the driver’s seat. From Route 66 to the most scenic drives on the continent, there’s a stretch of road perfect for any escape. This is also probably one of the safest options during COVID-19 because you’re guaranteed to be away from other people.  

Pack road trip essentials 

3 cans of Berry Bellini BĒA Sparkling Energy Drink against a red backdrop

Don’t forget your getaway goodies! A road trip adventurer can do much better than fast food and gas station drinksKeep these in your car along the way: 

  • BĒA™ Sparkling Energy Drink10 calories, less than 1 gram of sugar, and real nutrients sourced from organic produce to keep you charged behind the wheel. 
  • Whole Blend IsaLean® Bar20 grams of high-quality protein in a delicious Peanut Butter Crisp flavor. This meal beats anything youre stuck with from the convenience store. 
  • AMPED™ Hydrate. Don’t forget to stay hydrated on the road. Hydrate packs an advanced electrolyte blend and big flavor into 20 or fewer calories per serving to quench your thirst.