2016 “One Team” Celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada, has officially come to a close, but the buzz around the event is still going strong. One very exciting topic at Celebration was the new Prime Time community.

Prime Time booth croppedThousands of Isagenix customers stopped by to visit the Prime Time booth. By joining the group, members have access to a closed Facebook group where they can connect and communicate with others who are looking to live healthy, longer and who are also interested in learning more about the healthy aging community. Members also receive email newsletters that share relevant information about the community, health and wellness tips for aging healthily, and upcoming Isagenix events.

“Our goal is to facilitate connections between Isagenix Associates and customers and to help them connect with us at the Home Office,” says Lisa Ceballos, Isagenix Program Marketing Specialist. “I can’t wait to hear all of the great ideas that will come from this movement!”

Those who visited the Prime Time booth also had the opportunity to enter a raffle to win a image1Fitbit Charge HR. The three lucky winners who took home a brand-new Fitbit are Katrina S., Tawyna M., and Lynn C.!

Another big hit at the booth was the Prime Time accountability thought bubbles. Members were encouraged to fill in a bubble with something they would do or something they believed to be true regarding their business, health, wellness, or anything else they felt passionate about. Each member took a picture while holding up their bubble and posted it on their social media accounts.

The highlight of the week for Prime Time was the networking breakfast, hosted by Isagenix IMG_0740Vice President of Opportunity Solutions Patty Raphael.

During the hour-long breakfast, group members got to know one another through activities focused on communication and connection. The room was abuzz with chatter as members discussed products, nutrition, and aging gracefully. Guests left the breakfast with a few new friends and a bag of Prime Time goodies, including products!

If you missed Celebration this year, or if you just can’t wait to go next year, you can purchase tickets for 2017 Celebration right now! Go to IsagenixCelebration.com, and click “Register Now” to get your early bird ticket prices!