Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaires No. 215, Lisa and Stan Wolny!

lisa-split-5-yr-resizedAs a former weight loss coach and personal trainer, Lisa knew about Isagenix long before she decided to build a business, as her husband had used the products for years.

“Stan was drinking an IsaLean® Shake a day and was using Ionix® Supreme to help with his stress, but I never used the products,” said Lisa.

Lisa wasn’t interested in the Isagenix business opportunity either, as she had been involved in a direct sales company years before and didn’t want to do it again. She didn’t yet understand that Isagenix was a different model.

“I didn’t know anything about network marketing and had no understanding of what residual income was,” she said.

On top of that, Lisa was already self-employed at her own successful painting and design business.

“The timing was just wrong for me,” Lisa said. “It took hitting rock bottom from complete, overwhelming exhaustion for me to realize that I needed Isagenix.”

Regaining Her Spark

wolny-family-photoshoot-jun-2016-kidsWhen Lisa and Stan discovered that they were pregnant with their third child, it was quite a surprise. Lisa had suffered a stroke when she was 30, and she and Stan had been told they couldn’t have any more children.

Lisa was overjoyed when their baby was born and quickly got back into shape while balancing her life as a busy mom with two teenagers. She soon discovered another “surprise” was on its way.

Lisa and Stan had their second baby boy just 15 months after the first, and Lisa felt the exhaustion.

“I had no energy and was struggling to lose the baby weight,” said Lisa. “As a weight loss coach, I knew what to do, but I just couldn’t get it together.”

It was then that Lisa ordered the Isagenix products and put them to the test. She started with the 30-Day System along with Essentials for Women™ and Natural Chocolate Isagenix Snacks™ and joined the IsaBody® Challenge.

Within her first week, Lisa was blown away by the products, and her energy levels surged. Her oldest daughter, Sydney, told her that she finally looked happy, and that conversation stuck with Lisa for a long time.

A Multitasking Master


After seeing that her daughter noticed a difference in her, Lisa decided to take a serious look at the Isagenix opportunity. She wanted to help other parents make the changes that she had.

“I was so excited I couldn’t sleep for days,” said Lisa. “I already knew the products were gold, and I just felt I had a responsibility in terms of coaching and training. It was like, ‘Wow, I can really impact thousands of people.’”

Lisa took her vision for helping others and never stopped or slowed down. She was on a mission to help families thrive instead of simply survive.

“I knew that in order to hit all of my goals, I had to do it after the kids were in bed,” said Lisa. “I didn’t watch TV for 13 months – in those three hours I had at night, I plugged in, watched videos, and immersed myself in the education.”

Lisa started working on her business while juggling her duties as a mom of four. She listened to Isagenix podcasts in the car, at the gym, and while doing household chores, and she continued to grow her business while changing diapers, folding laundry, and during naptime.

“When people say they don’t have time to build this business, I call them out on it,” she said. “Personal development is such a huge part of this business, and you can just hit play and listen to these tools while you’re taking care of your life.”

Through all of her dedication, Lisa became an IsaBody™ Finalist and even took her new physique one step further by becoming a World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Pro. She earned her pro card within 10 months of committing to Isagenix and is now a proud member of Team Isagenix.

An Incredible Partnership

recognition-preferred-lisa-and-stan-wolnyStan has been Lisa’s biggest supporter in building this business.

“He takes care of everything behind the scenes,” she said. “We might not be building this together in the traditional way, but I could not do what I do without him.”

Lisa hopes to retire Stan from his position as vice president of engineering at an oil and gas company within the next two years.

“Anyone with passion and drive can build this business,” said Lisa. “I was a stay-at-home mom with very little post-secondary education. It doesn’t matter how much education you’ve had or what job you held before this opportunity. Being successful in this business is about being consistent and taking action, and the drivers are your belief, your attitude, your energy, and your heart.”

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