In case you missed our Instagram stories last week, we had an Instagram takeover! A few good #MenWhoCleanse flooded your feeds and took you along for their #CleanseDayWednesday routines! You may have noticed some familiar faces…our very own Erik Coover, Ben Kelly, and Steve Foxwell!

Each of these fearless leaders provided you with an honest look into their Cleanse Day. It was a real and raw depiction of how they each managed their intermittent fast.

Whether you’re on the go, at home, or at the office, cleansing can be a seamless and simple part of your day, just as these men showed us last week.

Takeaway Tokens This Week

Fathers, husbands, partners, leaders…The #MenWhoCleanse come in many forms, near and far, locally, and globally. The one thing that they all have in common? A successful Cleanse Day! Want to know how they did it? Here are a few tips they shared with us last week that can help you on your next #CleanseDayWednesday.

  • Drink water on Cleanse Days!

Hydration is key. Drink water throughout the day, as thirst can often be mistaken for hunger.

  • Remember, friends don’t let friends cleanse without IsaDelight® chocolates!

      Honestly, what kind of friend would you be? Share the love of chocolate, and all will be well again.

  • Keep your workouts light on a Cleanse Day!

Don’t push yourself too hard or perform any strenuous exercise. We saw  Ben Kelly get a quick 30 minutes in on the StairMaster. Keep it short and sweet.

  • Don’t watch other people eat while you are cleansing!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! But if you must, be prepared…bring your convenient Cleanse for Life® 2-ounce bottles with you or a Cleanse Day-approved snack to help keep you on track.

  • Stay busy!

Schedule all your meetings, errands, and appointments on a Cleanse Day. Keeping your mind and body busy will help you remain focused on your cleanse and forget about the hunger pangs.

Don’t miss any of the action we still have in store. Be sure to join us next week for Global Cleanse Day Nov. 1, as we all come together as One Team with one goal – ultimate health and wellness!