AMPED™ Protein Bars have emerged as the MVP (most valuable protein) within our sports performance line. Since their debut, they have become a pillar of support amongst Customers looking to fuel their performance. No matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, you can benefit from the nutrition offered in these superior protein bars. In addition, sports and fitness enthusiasts, competitive performers, and professional or elite athletes can benefit from using AMPED Protein Bars.

But if we look beyond the protein…there are some pertinent attributes in AMPED Protein Bars that set them apart from the rest…

Breaking It Down

Have you ever taken a look at the label on AMPED Protein Bars? In between all those words, numbers, and charts lies some useful information. For instance, the nutritional panel shows that AMPED Protein Bars contain 13-14 grams of fiber and 8-9 grams of sugar alcohol.* But what does that mean when it comes to training, conditioning, or working out?

Not all forms of carbohydrates have the exact same function within the body, therefore calculating net carbs can help you get a sense of the amount of carbohydrate in a food that can influence blood glucose levels.* This estimate can be especially helpful for anyone who has specific nutritional goals. Athletes, for instance, using AMPED Protein Bars, may target a certain macronutrient range for carbohydrate, fat, and protein depending on the type and intensity of workouts in their set training schedule. Calculating net carbs can in turn help athletes using AMPED Protein Bars meet their goals.*

Some carbohydrates like fiber and sugar alcohols don’t have the same nutritional functions as other carbohydrates such as sugar and starch.* If you have specific nutritional goals or just want to keep track of the amount of your carbohydrate intake, calculating net carbs can help you identify the amount of carbohydrates that will have the greatest impact on your desired fitness goals.*

There’s a simple equation you can use to determine the number of net carbs in a food by looking at the nutritional panel on the label. Net carbs specifically, are calculated by subtracting the grams of fiber and sugar alcohols in a food from the grams of total carbohydrate as shown below:*

Total Carbohydrate – Fiber – Sugar Alcohols = Net Carbs*  

A Sweet Note on Sugar Alcohol

Sugar alcohols simply provide another alternative to other sources of sugar. These compounds are naturally found in various fruits and provide about half as many calories per gram as regular table sugar. Since they don’t have the same effect in the body as (traditional) sugar or starch, sugar alcohols are also subtracted from total carbohydrate when calculating net carbs.* Containing 8-9 grams of sugar alcohol,* AMPED Protein Bars offer a high-protein alternative to fuel your performance or endurance workouts. Sugar alcohols contribute to the slight sweet taste experienced when having an AMPED Protein Bar, as they can activate the same taste buds in the mouth as (traditional) sugar does.

These bars were created with a distinct nutritional purpose from the net carbs down to the sugar alcohol.*  They were made to taste good and do good. If you haven’t incorporated these bars into your health and wellness routine, what better time to start than now? Elevate your workout and your health with the help of AMPED Protein Bars!


*Statements made about net carb and sugar alcohol values apply to U.S. AMPED Protein Bars only. Glycerin is not considered a sugar alcohol in Canada. As of the date of this article, Canadian regulations do not permit claims about net carbohydrate values.