I have a confession to make … I love spring-cleaning. Well, not so much the cleaning itself, but the results when I’m done. There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean casa (or spending all your time in one, these days).

The only problem is, for most people, cleaning is annoying. And time-consuming. And boring. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.

Ready to start spring fresh? Follow these tips, and you’ll have fun while getting your space spick-and-span.

1. Dance Off the Dirt

Man singing into broom handle while cleaning

Look, you’re probably going to need some tunes to get through this. I won’t judge you if you tear it up while you vacuum or bust out some bachata while you mop. Dancing is a great mood booster, after all.

If you have two left feet like me, singing works just as well. Plus, there are a lot more chores you can do while flexing your vocal cords instead of flexing your feet.

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2. Freshen the Air

Essential oil bottle in a bowl full of pink flower petals

You may associate spring-cleaning with dusting, soaking, and scrubbing. But your air needs purifying as well, especially if you’re spending lots of time inside. Indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air, so you want to make sure your home’s air quality is up to snuff.

So open up some windows, and let the wind waft through. Enjoy the sunshine and the sound of songbirds. It’s the little things that can really brighten your day.

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3. Break It Into Bits

Gray to-do list notebook on white table

Whether you live in an apartment or a two-story house, spring-cleaning is daunting. It’s not the square footage — it’s the seemingly insurmountable task at hand.

But guess what? By breaking your spring-cleaning into smaller, more actionable items, you’ll zip through it quicker than you think. And you’ll feel super accomplished every time you hit a goal.

Here’s what my cleaning to-do list looks like:

  • Clear out bathroom cabinets and drawers
  • Declutter closet shelves
  • Donate ill-fitting clothes
  • Organize bookshelf
  • Shred old receipts
  • Scrub the oven and stovetop
  • Unclog and deodorize drains
  • Remove calcium buildup on dishwasher, faucets, and showerhead
  • Wipe down walls and windowsills
  • Hang new decorations

Each of these items takes a few hours at most. And I can choose to break the larger tasks into smaller subtasks. For example, cleaning my entire closet vs. the top shelf.

You can also go room by room. Whatever works for you!

4. Think of the Calories You’ll Burn

A man and a boy scrubbing the floor

Cleaning can get you ripped. OK, that may be an exaggeration. You won’t have a six-pack by the time you’re done scrubbing the floor (that’d be too easy), but you can burn calories while cleaning.

It’s not as effective as running a mile, but it sure is more satisfying. And it’s a lot easier to start spring-cleaning when you know you’ll reap those rewards.

See, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it? If you think of it as a dance session or a workout, you may just enjoy spring-cleaning after all.