Today is a good day to celebrate your fitness!

Yes, even you — the one who is burned out, binging from the latest streaming platform, and just wanting to get through the week.

You have fitness. And you have the power to keep developing it. In fact, the more you get your body moving, the better chance you have to feel better, focus better, and live better.

The more you focus on the love you have for your life and your body on the inside, the more successful you’ll probably be.

How To Power Through 

Here’s what Charles Payne, who took part in this year’s IsaBody Challenge®, had to say about powering through.

“I know what it’s like to push through the voice that tells you to just go back to bed when you have plans to work out in the morning,” says Charles. “You have to push through that voice that tells you to go back to bed.”

Charles knows about pushing through. He’s had three knee surgeries in three years due to a basketball injury. “When I wanted to make a change, I couldn’t even run on the treadmill,” he says.

Let’s face it, one knee does a lot to keep a body moving. So he had to focus on eating habits as he healed. One caveat here too: “I’m allergic to a lot of different things,” he says. “I needed a different approach from an energy and nutrition standpoint.” Enter Isagenix.

Charles Payne and his son boxing in the living room

“I had reconstructive surgery on that knee, and I just wanted to get better so I could play with my kids,” he says of his motivation.

And he didn’t just want to play — he also wanted to coach his kids’ teams. “My kids are my motivation,” he says. “Everything else is secondary.”

Your Fitness Journey VS. Your Results

Motivation is a skill Charles shares. “You need to get comfortable with being responsible for your changes,” he says.

He works out early in the morning and sometimes even sleeps in his workout clothes so he doesn’t have an excuse to skip.

“Just remove the choice or excuse,” he says. Bottom line: Make the decision to stick to your goals an easy one, and take responsibility.

But how do you get through the simple struggle of each day? Seeing before and after images makes it seem like transformation was easy, quick, and not a struggle.

“The goal is to do what you need to do today. Sometimes you have to tell yourself, ‘I am going to win the day.’ From food, a workout, and a mindset.”

He explains that these things become habits. Then, you focus on protecting those habits.

“You need rewards,” he says. “When you consciously say, ‘I am going to break my habit for this special thing,’ it doesn’t have to derail you,” he assures. Whether that reward is a meal or a snack or a scoop of ice cream with your kids, you have to have the reward because you know you deserve it.

“Then you go back to the grind,” he says. “It makes it all worth it.”