Our relationship with food has changed a lot lately. Restaurants are closed, food delivery is booming, and many of us are cooking meals at home for the very first time. 

Many people are also balancing uncomfortable change with a curious spirit by diving in and trying something new. If that “something new” for you includes healthier choices or delicious, convenient protein, you may be interested in one of our protein shakes. They’re perfect for people currently adapting to change. Determine your type, and find out which protein shake suits you best below! 

Type 1: Shops and Sorts by “Bestselling”

woman shopping on computer

There’s an uptick in online shopping, to say the least, and that means many of us are ordering new brands and products for the first time. Whenever I’m exploring a new company or store, I like to sort by “bestselling” to see what everyone else loves. I want my first product to be the can’t-fail, tried-and-true, start-your-adventure-here type before I move on to the deep cuts. 

You want: IsaLean® Shake

It’s the bread and butter (if bread and butter were healthy) of the Isagenix System. It’s the meal replacement most people start with and continue using because it’s just that good. There are seven-plus flavors to diversify your shake portfolio, but one cannot go wrong with good ol Creamy Dutch Chocolate or Creamy French Vanilla. 

Type 2: Serious About Home Workouts 

woman doing yoga

It started with a few pushups in the living room and air squats on your balcony. Now you’re making fitness TikToks and counting every gram of protein on your smartphone. People getting serious about home workouts demand a protein that can keep up with daily crushing in the casa. 

You want: AMPED Tri-Release Protein 

It delivers three different types of fast, medium, and slowburning protein so your body gets what it needs at each interval. This supplement was designed with your intensity in mind. 

Type 3: Just Watched a Food Documentary 

woman watching a documentary

If you didn’t have a Netflix account before, you probably have one now. There’s no avoiding the 100,000 food documentaries on streaming platforms, and many of them inspire viewers to make a healthy change. Perhaps a certain food doc is leaving you curious about dabbling in the vegan lifestyle. 

You want: IsaLean Shake Plant-Based

It has a similar nutritional profile to IsaLean Shake but instead uses high-quality pea and rice protein, making it a vegan-friendly meal replacement option. I personally love Vanilla Chai, but you get three great flavors to choose from. 

Type 4: Binges YouTube Cooking Videos 

man and woman in the kitchen

Yes, I watched a 56-minute video on how to make your own sourdough starter. Home cooking is having its renaissance moment, and many people are turning to YouTube tutorials for inspiration and instruction. And while the food they make online is delicious, we also want great-tasting ways to make it healthier. 

You want: IsaPro®

1 scoop = 18 grams of pure whey protein concentrate. That makes IsaPro the perfect cooking companion when you make peanut butter protein balls or protein-packed desserts. And if you’re still thinking about that food documentary from earlier, this comes in a plant-based option, too. 

The list doesn’t end with these four types of protein. Check out Isagenix.com for dozens of products that can help you adapt with a healthy lifestyle, delicious food choices, and even a community of people who are adjusting to change — just like you.