Talented Chef Discovers Ingredients to a Better Life

Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaires No. 218, Nathan and Trudy Maples!

11202811_10153700309558686_5287645082920563859_nWhen Trudy was introduced to Isagenix, she was no stranger to network marketing. In fact, she had been involved with a network marketing company selling kitchen tools and cookbooks for 19 years and was one of the company’s top sellers.

“Tracy O. had been on my team at that company,” explained Trudy. “So, when I saw her weight loss transformation, I reached out to see what she was doing.”

Tracy replied to Trudy right away with a detailed message telling her about Isagenix. As the owner of her own cooking school and a top seller in the network marketing company, Trudy simply didn’t have time to consider another business.

“Meanwhile, Tracy enrolled my sister, Tanya K., and I started watching her transform not only physically but also financially,” Trudy said. “Tanya would tell me how happy she was to help people change their lives, and that really opened my eyes to the opportunity.”

Unlike Anything She’d Ever Seen

15400390_10154768554303686_6481324883276934676_nInitially, Trudy started her Isagenix journey to get healthy. Being in the food industry and running between two demanding businesses had left her at an unhealthy weight, and her sister was concerned.

“She started me on IsaLean® Shake, and I enrolled with a Weight Loss Value Pak,” said Trudy.

Once she was enrolled, Tanya started showing Trudy different parts of the business, and when she showed her the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan, Trudy couldn’t believe she had found such a great opportunity. It was unlike anything she had ever seen, and from that moment, she was ready to build a business.

“I’m glad I started Isagenix for my health. It has definitely been a blessing for my family and me,” Trudy said. “But man, the business opportunity has been incredible.”

Soaking Up an Incredible Year

14642390_10154560067873686_4420645517433625066_nTrudy was excited about the potential she had at Isagenix and got to work. She built her business until she fell asleep at night, starting again as soon as she woke up in the morning. Her husband, Nathan, was concerned about how much she was having to work, but Trudy was determined and working toward her goal of retiring Nathan so they could build their business together.

“When I first came to Isagenix, I was just a sponge,” said Trudy. “I knew network marketing, but I didn’t know Isagenix and I wanted to learn everything I could about sharing this opportunity.”

She went to top leaders, earned as she learned, and shared her story when others asked about her physical transformation.

“I remember making a vision board, and I went into my Back Office under Contests and Promotions and printed every single contest that was going on,” said Trudy. “I participated in them all and had an incredible year.”

In 2016, Trudy was No. 1 in President’s Quest and No. 1 in IsaDerby™.

“The most incredible part was being honored as the 2016 Leader of the Year at the Gala Awards at Celebration 2016,” Trudy shared.

It’s All About the Team

17458104_10212515313942896_4875185841866544045_nNathan was able to retire last May, and since then, he and Trudy have been building their business together and feel so blessed to be working together as a team. When Trudy would have been away from home teaching cooking classes in the past, she and Nathan are now able to travel, host Launch Parties, and enjoy their free time together.

Trudy says the best advice she can give to succeed in this business is to have grit.

Trudy explained, “Grit is the secret to this. You just have to put your head down and go and not let anything stop you. Focus on personal development, be determined and persistent, and never let someone squash your dreams.”

“It doesn’t matter how much grit you have if you don’t also have an incredible team,” Trudy continued. “This isn’t about me; it’s about everyone on our team and how together we have accomplished all of these things. I couldn’t have done this without them.”