The Perks of Meal Prepping

If you’ve ever participated in the IsaBody Challenge®, you might be familiar with meal prepping, or preparing your food ahead of time so you have healthy, portion-controlled meals that are ready to eat. When done right, meal prepping can help you save time and money, decrease stress around eating, and help you find the accountability to meet your weight loss goals. Continue reading →

Weigh In With Whey Thins

Whey Thins™ are nutritious, protein-packed snacks that offer a delicious way to support your healthy lifestyle and weight management journey. Whether you are just beginning your weight loss endeavors or maintaining them, Whey Thins can help satiate your path to health and wellness! Check out our favorite ways to incorporate these protein-rich morsels into your routine. Continue reading →

Weight-Loss Maintenance Plan: 4 Ways to Stay Healthy All Summerlong

Losing weight can be a challenge. Losing weight and maintaining those results can be even more challenging. Do you find yourself struggling to keep weight off? Read on for some helpful strategies on sustaining your summer weight-loss plan. Isagenix products are a great starting point to help you succeed in your weight-management journey. Continue reading →

Our Newest 100-Pound Club Member Luke

“Unless you’ve weighed 400 or 500 pounds, it’s hard to understand what it feels like,” describes 39-year-old Luke, whose peak weight was once 485 pounds in November 2013. “Because it’s more than just being heavy. It’s the way people look at you. It’s the things that people say to you and it’s very hurtful.” Read about Luke's weight-loss journey and how he now has an Isagenix family to support him, now weighing 355 pounds. Continue reading →