How to Support Weight Loss Efforts With Whey Thins

Whey Thins™ are nutritious, protein-packed snacks that offer a delicious way to support your healthy lifestyle and weight management journey. Whether you are just beginning your weight loss endeavors or maintaining them, Whey Thins can help satiate your path to health and wellness! It is important to remember that when you are consuming a clean diet, the body’s natural response may be to ask for something to eat every two to three hours. Whey Thins are a great response to this request from your body.

Spreading out your protein intake throughout your day, per the body’s natural response to energy and hunger, can help achieve positive results. Paul Arciero, Ph.D., refers to this as protein pacing. His recent study investigates individuals trying to lose weight and found those who consumed protein regularly reported feeling fuller, experienced improved performance, and were able to better support weight loss efforts by spacing protein intake throughout the day.

Check out our favorite ways to incorporate these protein-rich morsels into your routine:

  • Crumble on top of soups.
  • Add to salads in lieu of croutons.
  • Mix with wasabi peas for a hearty and crunchy bite.
  • Add to trail mix with nuts and pretzels.
  • Throw in your work or gym bag for a midday pick-me-up.
  • Add a single bag of each flavor to a bowl, mix well, and enjoy throughout the day.

Savor the Snack

The typical rule of snacking is 100-200 calories per serving. Rest assured that you are meeting this recommendation when you reach for Whey Thins. These 100-calorie packs make counting calories easy! If you have aggressive weight loss goals, or happen to be on a Cleanse Day, try spacing your 100-calorie pack throughout the day. With an average of 18-20 chips per bag, there are plenty of opportunities to savor the good stuff and manage your caloric intake as you progress along your weight loss journey.

Happy snacking!