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Isagenix Sales Tools Customized for Canada

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Isagenix Associates in Canada, take note! Since Isagenix started doing business in Canadian currency this summer, we’ve been hard at work developing sales tools customized for the Canadian market. Did you know that all of the following tools are available and customized just for you? Plus, you have a new place to purchase sales tools online.

Isagenix Canada Converting to CAD

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Earlier this year, Isagenix announced a Global Foreign Exchange Policy and said, “no” to higher prices in Canada. These actions allowed us to provide more certainty and stability moving forward. We are committed to converting our business in Canada from selling products and paying commissions in U.S. dollars to conducting those activities in Canadian dollars.

Isagenix Announces New Global Foreign Exchange Policy

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Over the last several months, the value of local currency in several of our international markets has weakened significantly against the U.S. dollar. As our products have been historically priced in U.S. dollars, this has especially affected customers and Associates in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. After reviewing and consulting with many of our leaders, we have concluded that the fairest and most equitable way in dealing with this new reality, rather than adopt a change in our compensation plan, affect a price increase, or implement other short term measures, is to implement a foreign exchange policy.

Isagenix Says ‘No’ to Higher Prices in Canada

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In recent months, the value of the Canadian dollar has weakened significantly against the U.S. dollar, meaning our Canadian customers and Associates have seen the price of their Isagenix products rise by about 13 percent over last year. To correct this, and provide more stability in the future, we have implemented a global foreign exchange policy.

Stay-at-Home Mom & Secretary Starts Fresh at 60

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Gwen had spent the previous 18 years as a secretary, and before that as a stay-at-home mom to her four children. Though she and her husband, Jim, had a steady income, Gwen knew she wanted to do something to add additional income to their household. Isagenix products and the income opportunity made that possible for her and after hard work and persistence, she is now an Isagenix Millionaire.

Happy Thanksgiving to Our Canadian Associates!

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Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Associates! Here at Isagenix, we wanted to wish you a very special Thanksgiving holiday. We’re so thankful for you and hope you enjoy this special occasion with you friends, families and loved ones. Also, it’s that time of year where family gatherings bring out the best family traditions—including sampling those secret family recipes. Craving the usual holiday trimmings for Thanksgiving dinner? That’s just fine. We have tricks how to incorporate your new Isagenix family tradition in the mix for optimum great-for-your-body results: cleansing after the holidays.

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