Vitamers. It’s not a made-up buzzword like synergy, freemium, or netiquette (let’s be honest, we’ve all used at least one of those at some point). It’s real, proven science, and it’s been hiding in our foods this whole time. So get ready to add it to your vernacular. 

Well, it’s been hiding in some of our best foods, anyways. Our sister science site does a great job of breaking down in-depth knowledge behind vitamers, but the tl;dr is this: Vitamers are the different forms that make up vitamins we know, such as vitamins A, B, and C. 

Chances are you already know about a few of them. Retinol is a member of the vitamin A family, riboflavin is a type of vitamin B, and so on. Rich, nutritious whole foods such as kale, spinach, and sweet potatoes are packed with different vitamers. 

But where else are you getting these vitamers? If you’re worried you’re not getting enough diversity from your diet, we can help. We’ve got a solution for that along with three reasons you’ll be checking for vitamers in everything you eat. 

1. Supplemental vitamins may lack vitamers 

A pile of vitamins

“I take vitamins every day. I’m good!” Might want to check that label again. While many supplemental vitamins are great for filling the gaps in some diets, some of them only contain one single form of each vitamin. That doesn’t mean they’re bad  they still pack tons of health benefits, and you should keep taking them — but you could be missing out on vitamer diversity. 

2. Vitamers and whole foods go hand in hand 

Boxes of raspberries

You don’t have to climb an ancient mountain for a rare species of flower to get vitamers; they’re waiting for you at your local grocery store. The great thing about vitamers is they’re present in common foods we always knew were great for our diets. Kale, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, sweet potatoes … those were already awesome with or without the different vitamers. Now we get the figurative (and much healthier) icing on the cake. 

3. A vitamer mindset is a good mindset

Leafy green vegetables at a grocery store

There’s a good chance that if you approach your diet with vitamers in mind, you’re more likely to choose better foods in general. That’s win-win. You get a larger diversity of vitamins in your diet, you eat better foods, and you feel amazing from that better lifestyle (wait, that might actually be three wins). 

Vitamers in Whole Blend IsaLean Shake and Bar 

We promised there would be a solution, and here it is! Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake and Bar source their vitamins from organic whole vegetables so you’re getting a variety of those good vitamers.  

Keep eating whole foods, of course, but know that you can rely on your favorite meal in a shaker cup or bar for the vitamers your body craves.