American Business Women’s Day is today, Sept. 22.  

I’m just going to say it: Every day is actually Business Women’s Day. If Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” isn’t in your head right now, go ahead and turn that up. I’ll wait. 

So, who run the world? Yeah, girls, women, ladies, chicks, girl bosses, lady bosses. We really do. We all know it, but many times, we don’t get the credit.  

And just like the strong women we are, we’ve been cool with it. But, the tide is turning.  

Women are demanding to be seen. Between the increase in female-owned businesses, a change in cultural perspective, and the narrowing pay gap, we’re making our voices heard. 

See them coding computers, see them sitting on boards, see them running for office, see them raising their kids, and see them owning businesses, large and small. 

The Power in Working on Your Own Terms 

The rise of network marketing companies and the gig economy in recent years has only given more of a boost to the power that women bring to the collective table. Although the number of women working outside the home has significantly increased since 1950, when 33.9% chose to pursue a career, women currently comprise nearly half of the U.S. labor workforce.  

Network marketing allows women to call their own shots and work wherever they choose, whether it’s in the home or outside of it. So, whatever you choose to do with your passion, be the captain of your own destiny. 

Being Everything to Everyone 

It’s taken literally centuries for women to get this far. But, what is taking even longer to catch up is that (mostly) women handle the home (including child rearing) and embrace their careers. 

Thankfully, most households deal pretty well. Let’s not forget that men are coming around to the idea of a strong woman running the show. But ladies, who did the dishes last night after you worked a 12-hour day and picked up the kids from school?  

Sometimes, women jump right in after going to work to do the laundry, take the kids to school, pick them up, run the dog to the vet, bring grandma lunch, wash the car, do a 45minute full-body workout, and make dinner by 5 p.m. just so it gets done.  

But, is it just a myth that we HAVE to do all these things? Are we, as women, just as guilty as the rest of the world in buying into the fact that we absolutely must manage the house, everyone who lives in it, and our careers?  

An Impossible Balancing Act 

Who started the idea that once women began entering the workplace, they absolutely must stay firmly rooted in the role of house and family manager?  

I don’t necessarily believe that it was a roundtable vote, but I would guess it just sort of happened. Go out, kick butt for at least 12 hours, then fold the fitted sheets 

It’s time to have a conversation about that. If it’s already occurred in your household and all adults have been able to divvy up the household chores, you’re ahead of the curve. (And probably less exhausted).  

It’s just a myth, a preconceived idea that we have told ourselves (sometimes not even out loud) that women have to run the show and therefore must perform this ridiculous and impossible balancing act.    

The rules are there are no rules. You make your own. So, on this Business Women’s Day, commemorate it by having a discussion with your partner. Maybe it’s time to reassign chores. Are the kids getting older? They can do the dishes. Is your partner home by 4? Ask them to fold that fitted sheet.  

Defying the Myth 

Look, this myth of balance is exhausting women and burning us out. You cannot balance everything. A child’s attention cannot possibly “weigh” the same as business meeting. And can you swap your self-care for a raise? And why should you? 

The truth is, you can balance work life and home life on your OWN terms. Redefine what that means for you, because it may not look the same for us all, and that’s OK. You get to call the shots in your life. So quit the myth, start communicating, and go run the world.  

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