Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaire No. 220, Dee Gundersen!

friend“Lisa DeMayo changed my life, and I am forever grateful. I am also endlessly grateful for my team, and my intention every day is to change their lives the way my life has changed,” said Dee.

Dee has been in the world of network marketing for almost 11 years, but it wasn’t until five and a half years ago that she was introduced to Isagenix.

“Lisa was my sponsor at my first network marketing company, and when she told me about Isagenix, it was a very scary time,” said Dee. “My husband was out of work after 25 years in corporate America, and it was scary to leave my income behind and start all over. But it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

When she got started with Isagenix, Dee knew she needed to hit the ground running and start earning an income for her family.

“I dove right in and built this business hard and fast, like my life depended on it,” she said.

Finding New Freedoms


As Dee discovered what Isagenix could do for her and her family, her passion was infectious, and she painted that vision for others. She wasn’t afraid to reach out, because she knew it was her purpose to share this opportunity with everyone.

With Isagenix, Dee has been able to reach a level of financial security that she never did with her previous company, and she is even more grateful for the freedom she now has to spend more time with her family. She loves that she can build a global business from her iPhone or computer while still being there for her husband and three kids.

Discovering What’s Possible

coupleDee’s husband now has the freedom to work only when he chooses and helps Dee in building their business. With two children in Ivy League schools and a third following in their footsteps, Dee is able to provide the financial security necessary for her family to thrive.

Traveling to visit her son studying abroad at the University of Oxford and her daughter who will be teaching in Beijing is now a reality for Dee and her husband.

“We love having the ability to travel without worrying about finances,” Dee said.

Dee’s contribution reaches far beyond her own family, as well, as she sponsors two young girls in Paraguay and Bangladesh whom she has been able to provide with healthcare, food, clothing, and education.

“I believe every child should have the opportunities that we have,” said Dee. “I think the biggest thing is to help others create that [opportunity], and I love that about Isagenix.”

Dee’s Guide to Success

  • Work on yourself as much as you work on your business. Mindset is key, and that’s the most challenging thing. You have to constantly work on yourself and make a long-term commitment to be in this for the long haul.
  • Utilize and share the tools provided by Isagenix. As big as our visions are, here we have everything we need to create them. We have to use the tools and use them to empower others. We’re the tour guides, and it’s our job to show others what’s possible.
  • Be a product of the product. You have to be passionate about what you’re sharing, and you can’t speak authentically about the products if you don’t use them and believe in them.


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