Whether you’re going to the mountains or the beach, you may indulge in food on your summer travels. How can you be sure your hard work in the kitchen doesn’t fly out the hotel window? Have no fear! It is possible to eat healthy while on vacation. Here are some simple ways to stay on track with your meal plan no matter where your travels may take you.

Plan Ahead
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Even before you pack your bags, you can plan your meals ahead of time by looking at restaurant menus online. A little research to find out what healthy food options are nearby can go a long way to keep you on track with your meals.

Pack nutritious snacks for you and your family. Make a trail mix using nuts and our plant-based Natural Wild Berry Isagenix Snacks™. Or grab an apple and pair it with a cheese stick, a tablespoon of almond butter, or a handful of raw nuts — the extra protein will help keep the hunger at bay until your next meal.

Flying to your destination? The air you breathe on the plane has very little moisture, which can cause dehydration and fatigue. Add AMPED™ Hydrate to your water on the flight so you’re extra hydrated and ready to see the sights once the wheels touch down.

Be DisciplinedA couple smiles and enjoys breakfast together

Being on vacation makes it so much easier to cave in to our taste buds’ temptations. To help avoid these overindulgences, start off each morning with a balanced breakfast to set the pace for your day. A tasty, protein-packed shake is a great option, especially if you want to savor a few yummy (and healthy) bites from your hotel’s breakfast buffet without any of the guilt.

While it may seem like a good idea, avoid skipping meals and snacks. It’s better to stay nourished and satisfied during the day so you’re not making a mad dash to the nearest fast-food joint when hunger strikes!

As much as you can, quench your thirst with calorie-free beverages, such as water with lemon or cucumber, tea, and sparkling water. Save the calories for the food on your plate.

Portion Control

It’s OK to order that delicious dessert you spied on the way to your table. You’re on vacation — you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself. Simply use the three-bite dessert rule: one bite to taste if it’s good, a second bite to confirm it’s good, and a final, third bite to say goodbye!

Another way to enjoy a nice meal without the guilt is portion control. Restaurants typically serve larger than necessary servings. When you’re out, ask to share or order an appetizer as a meal. You can save calories and cash — that’s a win all around!

Be Kind to YourselfThree friends sunbathe and clink glasses while on vacation

So, maybe you went a little overboard at the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet on your last day in paradise. It’s OK! Vacation is a time to relax, unwind, and try new things. Remember you can get back on track at any time. Instead of beating yourself up, relish the sweet memories you made on your vacation.