Focusing on “Feel” to Achieve “Real”

Our journey to better health is surrounded by many expectations and a lot of ideas on how to do it the “right” way. But what do you do when the new fad diet is working for everyone else? You focus on feeling better over anything.

Changing your lifestyle means kicking fast diets to the curb and changing your habits to reflect on the healthy lifestyle you want. Today we want to share some tips on focusing on how you think to achieve real results.

Put the Scale out to the Curb

Making lifestyle changes means focusing less on numbers. Fad diets will make you believe they’re successful because your weight might drop. What they don’t tell you is that most of the weight you’re losing is water weight (which comes back).

When you focus more on how working out and eating right is making you feel, you’ll notice better results more often. Numbers mean nothing when you aren’t feeling better!

Expect Different Results

When you’re only focused on weight loss or “looking” healthier, you are more likely to fall into bad habits disguised as healthy ones.

Instead, focus on how the changes you’re making to your healthy lifestyle affect your performance in the gym, the quality of sleep you get each night, and what kind of mood you’re in. Achieving tangible results mean changing your goals to focus more on how your new healthy habits make you feel—not look.

Change What Healthy Looks Like

Another important way to focus on feeling healthy is to envision a different version of what healthy means! Take a few minutes to close your eyes and picture a healthier you. Maybe you have a few rolls or stretch marks, but you’ve been eating better foods and have more energy. You don’t work out to lose weight. You do it because it relieves your stress.

Instead of eating a strict diet of a few leaves of lettuce, you’re now eating lots of delicious snacks from Isagenix. Regardless of your picture, as long as you focus on feeling better, your health goals will align with feeling healthy over “looking” healthy.

Remember—a healthy you will always be better than a “picture perfect” you! And nobody is perfect, anyway.