So, it’s hot outside (real hot). At least in Arizona, it’s about that time of year that we’re getting real tired of the heat. Maybe you’re with me, or maybe it’s beautiful outside where you live — if so, I’m jealous!

Either way, we all know it’s important to stay hydrated, especially in the summer (in fact, we’ve hit you with some hydration facts ourselves). So, instead of telling you why it’s important to stay hydrated, I’m going to tell you how to stay hydrated without drinking plain water, because we all know that sometimes water is just boring.

Enjoy these five sneaky ways to get your hydration on:

1. Wake up with a glass of nonfat milk or OJ

Young girl drinking bottle of orange juice

Struggling to start your day with a tall glass of water? Try pouring yourself a glass of nonfat milk or orange juice instead. In a British study, researchers found that these beverages have a higher hydration index than water. The same study found that a cup of tea or coffee can be just as hydrating as a glass of water. Coffee and tea lovers rejoice!

2. Eat your water

Female hand holding watermelon slice

Another reason to have a snack? Yes, please. Next time, grab one of the many healthy foods that can help you meet your hydration needs. Cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, and tomatoes are some of the most hydrating fruits at 90%-99% water! Apples, grapes, oranges, and carrots are a close second, and even bananas, avocados, and baked potatoes contain up to 70%-79% water.

Pro tip: Throw any combo of those fruits in a smoothie — sans the baked potato, of course — and you’ll still get all the same hydrating goodness.

3. Throw it back to the good ol’ days with a popsicle

Woman holding blue popsicle over eye

If you loved popsicles growing up, blend hydrating fruits like watermelon and freeze them in a popsicle mold. You can also use sliced fruit and your favorite electrolyte drink (like AMPED™ Hydrate). After just one hour in the freezer, you’ll have a delicious, thirst-quenching treat.

4. Have some oatmeal

Bowl of oatmeal with toppings

This one may seem weird at first, but when you think about the way oatmeal is cooked, it makes sense. All those dried oats are soaking up a ton of water while your oatmeal cooks. This healthy, hydrating meal works hot or cold (if you prefer overnight oats) and is a great way to help your little ones get hydrated, too.

Power your oatmeal by sprinkling in some chia seeds, which soak up 10 times their weight in extra liquid! Or add some flavor with your favorite protein powder.

5. Flavor your water

Lemon slices floating in water

OK, OK, I know I said this was a water-free hydration article, but water can be a lot of fun with the right flavors. Make lemon or cucumber water, or even throw in your favorite drink powder if it’s electrolyte- and nutrient-dense. If you want to get even fancier, prepare fruit- or veggie-infused ice cubes by dicing your lemon or cucumber into small pieces and freezing them in an ice cube tray with water. When served in a glass of water, you’ll get a nice, subtle release of flavor.

Say goodbye to dehydration, and try one of these tips today!