coupleWhen Heather and Jon were first introduced to Isagenix, they were hesitant about building a business. Between full-time careers and owning two businesses, they didn’t think they could take on anything else, especially when they knew so little about network marketing.

“We’re so thankful and feel so blessed that we gave this opportunity a chance,” said Heather.

Since choosing to build a business with Isagenix, the couple has been able to sell one of their businesses, and Heather has been able to step down in her job, allowing her to travel less and spend more time with their family.

“The most exciting news is that Heather is pregnant with our first child, so we’ll be having a baby soon,” said Jon. “The flexibility that we’ve gotten back with Isagenix is going to be the biggest blessing for us as we start building our family.”

Success Is Around the Corner

As beginners in network marketing, Heather and Jon agree that one of their biggest lessons was to always remember that at the times when you feel the most frustrated, your next breakthrough is right around the corner.

“You have to keep that mindset to keep you rolling, accept the plateaus, and work through them,” said Jon. “Build belief in yourself and in the products, and then don’t let anything discourage you.”

For Jon and Heather, finding success was through falling in love with the entire process of this business from beginning to end.

“You have to love all the pieces because it allows you to look forward to each step,” said Heather. “Get excited about signing people up, following up, and coaching them. It’s so fun to help other people succeed.”

Discover the Perks of Club Six

Reaching the rank of 3-Star Golden Circle has been an amazing part of Jon and Heather’s experience, and they say the culture and community within their Isagenix team is really what drove them toward reaching this goal.

“I think in getting from 2-Star to 3-Star, you have to have a lot of push throughout your whole team,” said Heather. “It’s not just you personally building; it’s your team as a whole, and it’s so cool to do it together.”

As a 3-Star Golden Circle, having exclusive access to Club Six at Celebration 2016 was an experience that Heather and Jon will never forget. They got to sample new products, connect with fellow business builders, and listen to Q&A sessions with top leaders.

“It was awesome. I think Isagenix does a great job forming different ranks and creating rewards that go with them,” says Jon. “It really motivates you to keep moving forward in this business.”

How would YOU like to experience Club Six at Celebration 2017? Find out how you can qualify for recognition at Celebration, and be sure to get your Celebration ticket.

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