My post-holiday eating habits had my body yelling for a wellness interventionMy 2020 goals included getting back into my clean eating and nutritional cleansing schedule ASAP. It was time for a Cleanse Day reset for sure! 

I love letting my body rest, balance, and reset on Cleanse DaysI’ve been Isagenix intermittent fasting since 2009 … but despite a solid mindset, some days it’s tough to stay disciplined and on track with my goals 

My first two attempts didn’t end well. I was cheating by the end of the day (Cleanse Day fail!), but I didn’t let that deter me. I kept telling myself that I know how to do this and need to trust my body. So, on the third timecrushed it and finished the day strong. 

How do you do a Cleanse Day, anyway?  

Here are a few tips that will upgrade your Isagenix Cleanse Day experience 

Get in the right mindset, and prepare.

The day prior to cleansing (a Shake Day), make sure you get one or two IsaLean® Shakes in your systemBe sure to tell your friends and family — they will help keep you accountableA little positive self-talk never hurts, so remember to tell yourself, “I can do this!” 

Cleanse with friends.

I teamed up with a Cleanse Day buddy for accountability and some friendly competition. This helps if you have any distractions that take you off your goalA Cleanse Day buddy is also someone you can reach out to if you need a pep talk, as they are in the same situation as you

Plan your day to stay on track!

I mapped out my Cleanse Day schedule a little differently — check it out below — knowing that sometimes I run into temptation. I needed an S.O.S. (snacks on standby) for tougher parts of the day. 

Do the (simple) math

With the new Cleanse Day Tracker, you now get 10 Cleanse Credits throughout the day as you cleanse. Each of our Cleanse Day snacks has a Cleanse Credit value assigned to it. As you eat snacks throughout your day, record the Cleanse Credits by writing them downJust remember: The goal is to add up to “a perfect 10″!  

My Cleanse Day Schedule 

Upon waking up: Water; Americano 

Morning: 4 fluid ounces of Cleanse for Life®; Natural Accelerator 

Midmorning: BĒA™ Sparkling Energy Drink (1 Cleanse Credit); Snack Bites (3 Cleanse Credits) 

Noon: 4 fluid ounces of Cleanse for Life; Roasted Chicken + Herb Flavor Collagen Bone Broth (2 Cleanse Credits) 

Midafternoon: 4 ounces of Cleanse for Lifehot tea  

Evening: 4 ounces of Cleanse for Lifehot teaRoasted Chicken + Herb Flavor Collagen Bone Broth (2 Cleanse Credits), IsaDelight® Super-Chocolate in Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cup Flavor (2 Cleanse Credits) 

Before bed: Ionix® SupremeNatural AcceleratorIsaFlush®IsaBiome™ ProbioticsComplete Essentials With IsaGenesis®water 

Cleanse Day Tracker: 10 Cleanse Credits total 

I also got a little help from my new Cleanse Day-approved snacks!  

Cleansing can be intimidating, I get it. But with some simple planning, desire, and snacks, it is something you can do and is worth so many rewards. Plus, you’ll find out firsthand what the intermittent fasting buzz is all about.  

Share your own Cleanse Day experience and tips using the hashtags #CleanseDayWednesday, #CleanseReset, and #CleanseDayConfessions. 

*Not a low calorie food.