It’s no coincidence that the day we all pay homage to our dads and dad figures coincides with the perfect time of year to barbecue, play golf, and do yardwork. On this special day, we can express some much-appreciated gratitude to the ones responsible for teaching us about life, fixing things, throwing a spiral, and unfortunately, mowing the lawn. 

Honestly, what would probably make our dads happiest would be telling them that we got our oil changed or that we scored a really good deal on something. We can do that anytime, though. Instead, let’s check out five ways to make this Father’s Day one to remember, with a few dad jokes thrown in for good measure. 

1. Add in a Bit of History 

Pocket watch and black-and-white photo of father holding a baby

Did you know that Father’s Day became a U.S. national holiday in 1972? It was officially recognized by President Richard Nixon’s administration six years after former President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential Father’s Day proclamation in 1966. For nearly 50 years, we have celebrated our fathers and father figures. 

Most dads love historical facts like this. So one way to make it a special day is to do a bit of a history report for your dad — on your dad!  

Nostalgia works on everyone, and dads are no different. Maybe you can break out an old picture album and go through a timeline of your papa’s life. Ask him to tell you some stories. Overlook any embellishments, share in some laughs, and bring up some cherished memories you two share.  

2. Enjoy Your Trip, See You Next Fall  

Man in sunglasses giving a thumbs up while driving a bright blue van

Dads take to road trips like ducks take to water. Somehow, they’re in their element behind the wheel on the open road. What could be better than planning a cool upcoming trip with the big guy? 

Fathers often drop subtle hints about places they’d love to go someday. I bet if you rack your brain, you can remember dad mentioning that he’d always wanted to see the redwoods in Yosemite or have real Texas barbecue. 

You know what else dads weirdly love? Packing for a trip and being prepared. For both of your sakes, stock up on some nutritious snacks to keep the dad bod in check. 

Plus, a road trip can be a great way to bond with your dad. Do keep in mind though that he will be judging your driving skills, so maybe just let him drive.  

3. Teach a Man To Fish, And He’ll Never Go Hungry 

Older father farming with his adult daughter

I can’t even begin to imagine how many sentences I’ve started with, “Dad, how do I  ? Our dads absolutely love to teach us, so why not let them?  

There is undoubtedly something your dad does amazingly well. Simply asking him to show you his secret will fill him up like a proud dad balloonLearning from your dad etches the lesson in your memory forever, and I’m willing to bet he will remember teaching you forever as well.  

This one can also work in reverse. Maybe there’s something you can teach your dad that would be meaningful to both of you.  

4Circle Your Calendar  

Classic Car

Getting tickets to an upcoming event is another awesome Father’s Day gift idea. Of course, a baseball game comes to mind, but there are a ton of other great events your dad would love to attend.  

Maybe your dad would like a car show, an outdoor adventure expo, or a race of any variety. Maybe there’s a band or artist coming to town that you two can jam out to together. Even something like going to the movies can be a simple but special experience for both of you.  

5Fit as a Fiddle  

Guys running into sunset

While you’ve no doubt heard him talk about how fit he was in his prime or how he made the gamewinner at the buzzer in high school for the state championship, he probably isn’t as fit as he used to be.  

What better way to express how much you care about him than helping him be as healthy as possible? Plus, who among us wouldn’t mind stepping up our game a little? Working on a healthier lifestyle and helping each other stay motivated by working out and eating healthier together can be an effective plan 

We have some really straightforward health packs and protein shake options like our Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake for a convenient and complete meal replacement with a ton of delicious flavors.

No matter what route you choose to go, it’s more about showing the father figure or dad in your life that you appreciate them and want to show a little love and gratitude.