If you’re on any kind of weight loss or fitness journey that involves a healthy meal plan, there’s one thing you know to be true: It’s hard. Really hard.

Why? Because change is always hard, and sticking to it takes a ton of motivation, energy, and time. Luckily, it CAN be done, and there are ways to make it easier. Today, with the help of OCB Pro Mia Chorney, I’m going to share a few tips you can utilize through the upcoming holiday season (and all year long). They will ensure you stick with your healthy meal plan and reach your goals.

3 Ways To Make Following Your Meal Plan a Breeze

Map It Out

Meal prep in 3 jars

One of the best things you can do for yourself when it comes to sticking to your meal plan is being prepared every step of the way. Try planning your meals for the week ahead, and buy and prep all your food on the weekend. It will take some time, but the rest of the week will be smooth sailing when you know exactly what you’re having for dinner, rather than standing in front of the fridge unsure what to make.

“Meal prep is essential,” said Mia. “You’re so much more likely to make better choices when you’re prepared.”

You should also always have healthy options and snacks on hand. You’re bound to get hungry outside of a prepped meal, so make sure you have something to reach for that’s going to support your goals. At Mia’s house, you’ll always find bags of salad, fresh veggies, healthy proteins, eggs or egg whites, IsaDelight® chocolates, and BĒA™​ Sparkling Energy Drink.

Get To Know Your Food

Healthy foods laid out in a bowl

When Mia was first getting started on her healthy meal plan, she used an app on her phone to track and learn about the foods she was eating. This helped her become more aware of what she was putting in her body and helped her identify the habits that would keep her from reaching her goals.

Once you know your bad habits, you can make healthy swaps that will keep you on track.

“I used to be a late-night snacker, but now I have a protein shake each night before bed. I love AMPED™ Tri-Release Protein — best-tasting shake ever with only 6 grams of carbs,” she said. “I also use it in hot or overnight cold oats and my homemade protein donuts!”

Drink Your Water

Hand pouring glass of lemon water

Making sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day is an important part of sticking to any healthy meal plan. It can be easy to mistake thirst for hunger, which leads to reaching for an unplanned or unhealthy snack. Of course, drinking water is often easier said than done, so if you need something that adds a little flavor to plain water, go for it!

Meet Mia

Mia Chorney with her family

Mia is a loving wife, mom to three beautiful daughters, grandmother of two, and rescue dog mom. She’s been with Isagenix since June 2017, and it’s been our pleasure and an absolute inspiration to learn so much about her health and fitness journey.

“I decided to take my fitness to the next level during a backyard bet over tequila and tacos,” Mia said. “Six months later, I won my Pro card in OCB and was humbled to take my health and fitness back at age 50. It’s an incredible journey to see what you can accomplish, at any age, when you have the right nutrition and fitness plan and the tools you need to stick to it.”