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Sean Hughes

Fellas, Listen Up: 3 Reasons Skincare for Men Actually Matters

Skincare for men? Seriously? Why? Glad you asked. Here are 3 reasons rubbing some body wash on your face won’t cut it anymore.  And #2 on the list will probably hit home the most. 

#1 Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Unfortunately, skincare has been associated with girls, not guys. So, the fellas tend to ignore it. But the truth is, skincare for men matters too. Here’s why: 

As your largest organ, your skin is your first line of defense against the environment. So if you’re not taking care of it, you’re letting your guard down and setting yourself up for: 

  • Cracking 
  • Deep Lines 
  • Wrinkles 
  • Dark Spots 

No one wants to be that guy who people say, “I thought he was so much older than that.” 

The other reason why you should take care of your skin? Because you might be wasting efforts in other areas if you don’t pay attention to it.  

#2 Boost Your Confidence

If you’re like me, you hit the gym regularly, and do what you can to eliminate the dreaded dad bod. 

On top of that, you probably put some care into your style—when it matters, obviously. Unless you enjoy wearing suits to your local sports bar, then do your thang. For the rest of us, style matters at work, on dates, in sales meetings, and at events. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have hair, you probably take the time to take care of that, too.  

Beard? I’m willing to bet that’s not a shaggy mess either. You groom it, put oil in it, and do anything else you can to make sure it’s “on point”. 

In addition to all that, you probably put some thought into how you walk, enter rooms, and carry yourself around others and in public. 

So, what about skincare for men?

To sum up, you put effort into:

  • Fitness 
  • Style 
  • Hair 
  • Beard 
  • Appearance 

Why shouldn’t your skin get the same treatment? It plays a part in almost every aspect of what’s listed above. It matters. What good is a perfectly groomed beard with blemishes above it? 

Men’s skincare is just as important in the confidence game as anything else. 

#3 The Aging Myth

We can’t back the clock up. The birthdays will keep stacking up. The only thing we can do is put routines in place to improve our health and appearance. Which is absolutely doable.  

And no, men don’t “magically” age better than women. That’s a myth. But men who take care of themselves tend to age better than men who don’t. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding skincare. That’s WHY skincare for men matters, but HOW is it done? 

Celletoi: Skincare for Men, Simplified

The best way to add skincare to your routine is simple: Do what works. Simply add a quick morning and evening regimen and you’re good to go. 

Learn how HERE. 

Remember guys, there’s nothing wrong with looking and feeling your absolute best.